Book Review: Hunger by Michael Grant

Non- Spoilery:

There’s really nothing to say here since this is the second book in the Gone Series by Michael Grant. If you haven’t read Gone I have a review here  that you can go read. So go read it and then read the second book and come back.

Spoilers Ahead!

Ok so Hunger. There were parts I liked and then parts I really didn’t like. I think what I didn’t like most about this book compared to Gone was the pace. For me Gone was so great because the book was very fast paced, and it always felt like something was happening whereas in Hunger a lot of the book felt very slow to me. I also did not enjoy all the self pity wallowing coming from Sam and his extreme lack of confidence about things. I know it was important to his character but at the end of the last book he was so on top of things and I get that they’re starving but he just seemed really unsure of himself.

So Sam. My poor baby Sam is now the leader and he made it clear he never wanted that but now he’s stuck with it. And he is great in a crisis but day to day not so much. The whole time Albert was operating his night club and setting up a bartering system and trying to work out a currency I couldn’t understand why Sam was against any of that. I don’t know why Sam thought asking kids to work just because they’re hungry would do anything where as Albert’s idea of paying kids with batteries or something to work would be perfect.  Same with him being skeptical about Quinn’s fishing business. Fishing was a great idea and obviously you can’t just give them away for free or else no one will help but Sam couldn’t seem to grasp that concept.

Then we have Lana, who is now the town recluse. I like Lana. She’s interesting and tough and although the whole coyotes thing is still really weird but she’s cool. Of course now Lana is suffering from some sort of PTSD from her interacting with “the darkness”

The Coates Academy kids are a wreck at the start of this book. Caine has been delirious form his encounter with the darkness and he and Drake are pretty much at each others throats for most of the book. Then theres Dianne, who is still questionable to what side she’s playing. Between Dianna and Astrid as female protagonists I think I prefer Dianne. Something about reading her is always a bit more interesting in just the way she thinks and is not very predictable. I feel like Astrid always responds the same way. She’s either always being a know it all, or getting into little arguments with Sam.

I hated the introduction of Zil and the Human Crew. I don’t hate them as part of the story because realistically something like that would definitely happen if you had people with ability and without but every time I had to read about them I got so mad. And poor Hunter who killed his friend by accident all because Zil was being an a-hole. I was worried at the end when Zil was going to kill Hunter. I’m not sure what I would think of this book if we’d allowed hanging a kid so I’m glad Orc stepped in.

Speaking of Orc, in the first book when we first me him and he was a big thug I though he was going to be the “villain” of the story and that it was going to be him vs. sam the entire book so I’m glad that it didn’t work out that way and really actually kind of enjoy him now.

Ok so now a few plot point:

So like I said, did not enjoy the whole Sam constantly feeling sorry for himself at the beginning of this. It was a lot and it was slow and I don’t understand why the 2nd book always seems to be slower (*cough cough* New Moon? Unravel Me?).

But then when we finally got to the action up at the nuclear plant that was enjoyable. But I hated how it kept getting very broken up with the much less exciting scene

Then there’s Lana with her stupid plan to blow up the mine all by herself. I was very not for that but then she got so close and it was just such a big disappointment when she didn’t do it.

Honesty what saved this from really dragging through was from about the showdown between Sam and Drake, which was awesome to the end. Edilio getting shot practically had me in tears. Up until this point anyone getting hurt has been nbd because we have Lana but LANA SHOT HIM so I was not sure what was going to happen. Grant clearly has no trouble killing off characters so I was worried since Edilio is an absolute favorite. Sam’s whipping was also a great scene. I loved how Sam was willing to step up again and prove that he can be the leader in crisis by letting Drake whip him to prevent a nuclear leak and then the way Brianna comes in and saves him with the wire was awesome. If you’ve ever watched the show Outlander (highly recommend) then you know what a flogging looks like so you know what poor Sammy was going through. And then the fact that its Quinn who finds Sam in that state was so nice after all the mistrust from the first book. Loved that! It’s great to see Sam as his brave in the face of danger self again as he charges of to battle half dying.

I love how Caine and Drake finally reach their tipping point because we had been building to that the entire book and I love that Caine picked Dianna over Drake. Sam and Caine teaming up was great. I loved the banter between them down in the mine. For example Caine asks Sam, who is torn to shreds, bleeding and in extreme agony, a question and Sam’s only response is a groan and Caine says “Yeah, kind of have other things on your mind right now, huh?” I love the sass.

As for plot like I said the whole riot in the square with the “human crew” and trying to hang hunter was making me so mad which was one more reason I was thankful Orc was there to break that up.

I also didn’t love how they end felt a little rushed. Lana healing everyone (and there were many) who got hurt at the mine was a paragraph and then we never got to see Astrid’s reunion with Sam after the entire whipping ordeal, which I would have liked to see for a softer side from her.

All in all I thought the book was good. I though Gone was definitely better . I gave Hunger 3 stars out of 5 on goodreads only because the I really felt like I had to drag myself through the slower parts but the ending was really good. I didn’t even talk much about how they were all starving during the entire book which was a major driving point but again good book, good series, recommended.

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