Book Review: Lies by Michael Grant

Non Spoilery Section:

So this is the 3rd book in the Gone series so if you haven’t read Gone yet go read it and the and them come back once you’re all caught up so we can discuss it!

Spoilers Ahead:

So I thought Hunger was going to be my least favorite book in the Gone series, but I was wrong. The beginning of Hunger was so slow and filled with so much self loathing from Sam but it got nice and exciting at the end. Lies not so much. I will start by saying I still really love this series and think it’s super interesting, but so far Lies is my least favorite book in the series.

Lets start with Sam who spend the entire last book wishing he wasn’t in charge. Now they have the council and Sam feel useless and unimportant. And I fell bad for him. He went through a lot in Hunger but the self pity attitude got be a lot and it made him miserable to read. Plus the fights between him and Astrid are just getting worse and I feel like their relationship is just there. It doesn’t really feel like a major point in the story, more like a side note.

Then we have “the priestess” Orsay, who we met in Hunger. And there’s Nezzera with her who NO ONE HAS EVER MET yet no one thinks it strange that she just appears. I was suspicious of her as soon as we met her and convinced she was associated with the darkness in about 5 minutes.

Then there’s all this crap with Zil and the human crew causing so much damage and trouble and they’re literally doing nothing about it! I’m as frustrated as Sam that they won’t let him do anything.

Then there’s Brittney. I guess I can’t blame her that she didn’t know she was turning into Drake, but I figured that out so fast and it bothered me again how long it took everyone else to see it. There’s nothing worse than when something is so obvious to the reader and you’re just waiting for your characters to put it together and they just can’t.

But what I really didn’t like is all the secretes. And I know this book is called “Lies” so it’s to be expected but there’s always that moment when a character keeps a secret and someone finds out and sh** hits the fan. So this book wasn’t bad, it was just frustrating. I was very frustrated with the council never doing what I thought they should, and Sam’s self pity attitude and the lack of action against the Human Crew or Nezzera.

And then the pace was the other thing that really bothered me. Usually there are frustrating parts of books because it’s what makes you keep reading to get to the end of the conflict. But it felt like it just went on forever with this book. Some of that probably has to do with following so many characters around. We had the new characters on the Island and Caine and Diana and their mission to get there. We stayed with the Human Crew, Sam and friends, Lana, Quinn, Brittney, Mary etc.

As for Caine and Diana’s story first of all: they became canibles. That was disgusting. But besides that I loved when Sanjit put them all to sleep and Diana realized what was happening. And then when she saved them I thought that was great. I’ve never really been sure what side she is on and I’ve always had faith in her so that was nice to see. And even better that Caine showed some of his true colors and saved her over killing Sanjit.

The book finally picked up during the fire. Sam got some of his old spark back and went into hero mode. And I was excited for the face off with Drake but he ran away. I get it he has PTSD but with all the anger he carries around for Drake I thought he would be looking for more of fight since that’s all he wanted to do the entire book. But then he runs off and he stays gone for a little to long in my opinion.

I’m glad stupid Astid (i’m not a fan of hers in this book) realized that the human crew setting the fire was really her fault since she wouldn’t let Sam go after them. Honesty one of my favorite scenes was when Howard finally said what I’d been thinking the entire book and I never thought I’d be backing Howard for anything. But he finally criticized Astrid and Albert since they were supposedly making the big decisions but all Astrid ever did was pray and all Albert did was count his money. And then again when Howard calls Astrid out on all her lies in the town meeting. But I couldn’t believe what Astrid said in front of everyone about Mary. Made me like Astrid even less. As usual Edilio was my little hero during that scene when he refused to go along with sacking Mary and I loved when Astrid said “I’m the head of the council” and Howard shot back “You want us to vote on that?”. So sassy.

Unfortunately after the fire we were back in self loathing mode from everyone, especially Astrid who I was not feeling after that. But when Quinn came in with his “we need all of the above” logic I could have kissed him for FINALLY pointing that out to all of them. I’m not sure how they didn’t figure out they needed someone to deal with money, enforcing laws and writing laws at the same time earlier but again, just another frustrating part.

As for the “exciting” ending battle, it all felt a little rushed to me. We spent so long building up to it in an uneventful way that it just seemed so forced. We had to get Sam, we had to wrap everything up with Nezzera, Mary, the helicopter, Zil. Astrid had to do the whole thing with Petey.

So like I said, it’s not that I didn’t like this book or that it ruined the series for me, I just think it’s going to be my least favorite book in the series. There was too much slow, frustrating material before anything happened and then even more after that and it started to feel like I had to force myself to keep reading and that I was always reading with the hope it would get better soon. I gave this book a 3/5 on goodreads because again, it’s not that it was bad, it was just frustrating to read a lot of the time.

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