Getting Out of my Comfort Zone

So this past weekend I got to venture to Queenstown NZ, the adventure capital of the world. You can do all the crazy things there like skydiving, canyoning and white water rafting but the big one is the Bungy Jump. Bungy jumping was invented here and the original bungy jump is just outside of Queenstown. It was all started by A.J. Hackett and he opened another one in Queenstown that is much higher. It’s called the Nevis Bungy , and it is the worlds 3rd highest bungy. But what’s nice is there is the jump or a swing.

Originally, after watching a video of it I knew I would never be able to do that, so I signed up for the swing. But the night before I was thinking. I would probably never have this opportunity again, and I was going all the way out to the bungy to just skip it?

So the next morning during check in I asked “I’m supposed to swing but can I switch to bungy?” and just like that, in a mere 5 minutes I was on the bungy list. Now is when I started to panic. I was in a group of 20 of my study abroad group who were doing it. I endured the 45 minute drive out there with minimal panic, got my harness and even watched the first group go. Then I was in the little lift to the cable car suspended in the middle of the canyon. There are glass floors so you can see the 134 meter plunge you’re about to take (that’s 440 feet). And I was last. I had to watch my entire group go. And they all did it.

When it was finally my turn, I was still feeling ok. I got in the chair and they strapped in my feet. I told them how I had jumped on the bandwagon just this morning which they seemed to find amusing. Then suddenly I was on the platform with my toes over the edge. I smiled for a photo and then all of sudden the man holding me said “3-2-1-BUNGY!”. He let go, and I jumped. I didn’t think, I just jumped.

Suddenly I felt like I was plummeting to the earth. The first 5 seconds of free fall were terrifying and I let out a deep guttural cry. But then the cord was at length and it started to slow my fall and then it was like I was flying. I dipped low into the canyon, then sprung up light as air. I had 360 degree views of the canyon, mountains and the river. I took my second bounce and on the way up pulled the strap at my feet. This released them so I was sitting up right. That was magical. There I was, still bouncing up and down, but now sitting looking around at the canyon I’d just thrown myself into. 134 meters above me was the little cable car I’d just leapt out of but all around me was some of the most stunning scenery you could imagine.

They reeled me back up and when I got to the top I was still tingling with adrenaline. I felt so alive and honestly would’ve done it again right then and there if they offered it to me. It seemed so terrifying but it was worth it. So my advice to you is if you ever have the opportunity to bungy jump, do it. Will you scream leaving the platform? Probably. But will you thank yourself when you get back to the top? Absolutely.

So remember that old mom’s quote “if 20 of your friends all jumped off a cliff would you do it to?” Well mom, apparently yes, I would.



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