Countdown Until I’m Home: 10 days

So in an exciting development I get to go home for the weekend for the first time since I’ve been in college. Since I don’t have a car and I’m at school down in Delaware, its never convenient for me to just pop home for the weekend. But since I have a friend here who needs to go look at law schools in Boston I was able to trade free lodgings for a ride up home. So since I am so unbelievably excited, since I haven’t been home since December 28, 2015 I will be posting some of my favorite things about home until I finally get there!!!

Massachusetts here I come!

Count: 10 days

10. New England Clam Chowder: I am so excited to go home and get my favorite food. I LOVE clam chowder and I became a vegetarian 8 years ago but stipulated I would eat fish JUST so I could eat clam chowder.massachusetts-explain-3.jpg


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