Home Sweet Home

This past weekend I was finally able to go home for the first time since December 28th. It’s a long trip from Delaware up to Massachusetts but it was totally worth it. I was going because a friend of mine got into Northeastern Law School and she’s never even set foot in New England before, so I was going to give her a little tour. We road tripped up from Delaware, through NJ, NY, and CT to finally get to Mass, a total 6.5 hours in the car.

Saturday morning we set off on the T green line to head into the city. She got to experience the public transportation system. We got off at Fenway and made out way over the Northeastern Campus. We walked by the MFA on the way there and of course I made her pose for a touristy photo out in front.

We walked around the Northeastern Campus, which has always been my favorite Boston college campus. I love that even though the school is right in the heart of the city, it still really has a campus feel. There are building around a central green. Plus I love the Husky mascot (it’s a little better than the Blue Hen we sport down at UD). I made her buy a shirt to commemorate our visit and then we wandered off to look at more of the city.

We made our way past the Mother church and symphony hall to look at the BU campus since that was another possibility. We made our way over to the BU campus and found the Law school buildings. After that we strolled down the Esplanade, which she pronounced Esplandé (es-plan-day), so I got a good laugh out of that. I pointed out Harvard and MIT across the way and we actually walked for a while. Eventually we got off and crossed over to Newbury street. We walked up to look at the shops and eventually wandered into the public garden.

There I made her take another obligatory tourist photo, posing with the ducks. We also sat for what felt like the first time in forever. We had already walked at least 6 miles by this point and our feet we exhausted. But I made us continue on. We went onto the commons and looked at the Frog Pond and the state house. We moved on to the old cemetery and looked at Paul Revere’s grave, plus the grave marker for the Boston Massacre victims. It was actually March 5th and in 1770 on this same day the Boston Massacre happened.

We walked through Government Center and down to the old state house to stand on the actual spot they have marked off where it happened. I made her take a picture actually walking on the Freedom Trail line, which some people always seem surprised to see is an actual line through the sidewalk.

After that I took her into Faneuil Hall. There were actually some people out and about in colonial dress there which is always fun. We didn’t stay for long as now were were on a mission to get up to the North End for a cannoli. We walked along the water and looked at the harbor for a bit, before we finally turned off to get our cannoli. I showed her Mike’s Pastry but took her to the little gem hidden next to it; Cafe Vitoria. It’s a great sit down little cafe that used to be a cigar bar and it just has more atmosphere (and more seats) than Mike’s Pastry.

We both got our chocolate dipped cannoli and a cafe mocha to go with it and it was bliss, after walking almost 9 miles around the city (we had fit bit to confirm that). The last thing I made her go see before we left was the old north church. It was a perfect place to end our day of walking around.

From there we actually go picked up and drove around Southie before heading to the south end for a nice sit town dinner. All in all I think we did the city justice on our little tour and I was just so happy to be home since it always seems that much more special after being away from our magical, little, history filled city for so long.



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