DIY: Geometric Canvas


So here is a pretty simple canvas design. I saw the original idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out. So here’s what you’ll need:



-paint (any colors you want)




So to start just criss cross the entire canvas with strips of tape to get all sorts of little shapes all over it. I marked the edges of my tape with the sharpie so they would be easier to pull up at the end. Once you’re done taping, it’s time to paint. For mine I was going for a purple theme so I only used purples and blues but use any colors you like. Once you’re done let that dry completely before removing the tape. If the paint got under the tape anywhere when you remove it, you can use a Q-tip and some nail polish remover to fix it.

Once all the tape is off it’s time to write on it. Obviously you can write whatever you like but for me this was a sorority gift so it says Gamma Sigma Sigma. I did a test out of what I was going to write on a sheet of paper so I could figure out the middle letter and how I was going to do this weird font.

Start with a pencil and do the middle letter of the middle row in the center of the canvas. Then I used the ruler to draw a line at the top and bottom so all the letters would be the same size. I measure that to be 2inches and then went up and did 2 more line for a 2 inch section on top of and below it so I had 3 blocks to write in total. I always do the middle letter first so the letters at one edge don’t get crowded.

For the font, you basically always add a block section on the far left edge and fill it with horizontal lines. Obviously you don’t have to do that but I liked how it came out. Here’s a list of what I think all the letters looks like. You can see I really had to think about J and I would also consider doing Y differently but at this you can use this a baseline.


After I sketched all my letters in pencil I went back over them in sharpie and then went in with an eraser and removed all my sizing lines and there it is a cute canvas that really didn’t take too much effort but really looks cool.



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