Big Little Week: Thrones on Thursday

So for my last day of Big Little week my little really outdid herself. She has been combining themes all week and this one took the cake. Today was Game of Thrones of Glass day, combining Game of Thrones with Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. There was a great sign on my door and then when I walked in it was amazing.

On the bed I had goodies waiting but the real eye catcher was the corner of my room. My chair had been transformed from fangorn forest left over from yesterday into the red weirwood tree from game of thrones. Next to that my desk chair had been tin foiled into the FREAKING IRON THRONE! Next to my THRONE was a basket with the 3 dragon eggs in it and on the tree was a beautiful canvas that combines quotes from game of thrones and lord of the rings, plus a wine cake!!! I don’t know what a wine cake is but it also came with chocolate drizzle to put on it so I’m super excited to eat it. There was also a hand painted chalice of a wine glass with the stark family sigil on it.

On my bed was more of the Throne of Glass theme. I had another pair of homemade letters. There were silver letters and in the print, barely visible are little stag heads. I also had a new friend to wear the mini star wars letter I had gotten yesterday. I had a new build-a-bear dog and can you guess what its name was? Fleetfoot!!!

I had a second bracelet to go with the one she’d gotten me that said “big” and this one said “To Whatever End”. To go alone with another Throne of Glass quote I had a beautiful canvas that says “do not let that light go out” and a big bag of candy that says “Yulemas came early” on it.

There was also a cryptic note on the bed. It informed me that there was a prize hidden in the room and I had to use the secret note from yesterday. Now on the back of Sauron’s eye there was a note but a few of the words were in dwarvish. This note had the key of dwarvish to english so I was able to decode the riddle that I had a surprise hidden under the dragon eggs. And what do I find but the Amulet of Orynth from Throne of Glass!!!!

Honestly I am so impressed with everything she did for me this week. It was all amazing and magical and she is so creative. I can’t wait to “meet” her tomorrow (lol I know who you are we literally watched The 100 together tonight) but wow, I’m floored by how well you know me and I will have to step up my basket game to get on your level.



Big Little Week: Wars on Wednesday

Day 3 of Big Little Week and it was a good one! It’s official title was “Wars on Wednesday” so there was a mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. My bed was transformed into an AT-AT and covered in all sorts of Star Wars swag, including some hand sewn Star Wars Letters (plus some mini letters for a “new friend?”). Some of the goodies included a cup, giant pen, freeze pops (yaasss), a little portable charger shaped like a storm trooper AND this AWESOME canvas that said “pick your weapon” with jon snows sword, a lightsaber, gandalf’s staff and the elder wand on it!

The other half of the theme was displayed in the giant tree that had once been my chair. On it there was this absolutely stunning canvas with a Tolkien quote on it, and a little baby Groot stuffed animal (he is so soft and so cute I almost died) but with him was a quote about the baby ents from LOTR so I think that’s what he was supposed to be. Over by my door I had the OG dark lord himself watching me, the great eye of Sauron.

Over my bed there were wall stickies of all the babes from the Hobbit plus some quotes and the ring, and a few other LOTR themes stickers and best of all they look reusable!

I’m so excited for tomorrow since I had instructions to leave the tree and the eye up so who knows what I’ll get for day 4!

BIG LITTLE WEEK: Tropical Tuesday

So! Today was day 2 of big little week and the theme was under the sea, but with a bit of a twist. When I got to my door there was a sign that seemed a little out of place since it said “From the witchlands to under the sea, you’re the only big for me”. Now I’m sure you can figure out which part of that sentence seems a little out of place…

So witchlands. No idea what that meant. No idea what it had to do with Under the Sea but continuing through my door decorated with pieces of kelp streamers into my nautical room. It was awesome. There were green streamers hanging from the ceiling vertically so it looked like I was in a field of kelp and some of the streamers had little sea creatures attached to them. The bed was covered in a plastic table cloth that sported all sorts of underwater creatures.

The bed was also covered in goodies. Another mug (running out of shelf space for those), that was filled with cookies!!!! (I finished all the ones I got yesterday already). There was a really cute canvas that went on my wall straight away, leis, a coconut bra (which I put on immediately for a photo). There was a big blow up parrot, a frame shaped like sunglasses, blue balloons, bubbles, 2 types of fish shaped candy and another big sign that read “Darling it’s better wearing these letters” to go nicely with the song under the sea.

The out of place object you may have noticed was the book.

In the middle of my bed there was a book. And it was called Truthwitch. So now you can see where the “witchlands” were tying into the theme. I had never heard of the series but there was a blurb from Sarah J Maas on the cover so I’m positive that why my little read the book and why she knows I’ll like it. So I picked it up to read the inside flap and what do I see but this book is signed by the author! My little is literally the reason I went to my first book signing ever and the reason my signed book collection went from 0 to 3 signed books in 1 afternoon. And now she’s just moved it up to 4. I’m excited to read it (it looks great on the shelf being protected by pocket jamie) and I can only imagine what she has in store for me tomorrow!


Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

In short:

Fangirl is about Cath, a freshman in college who is on her own for the first time. Her twin sister is the outgoing one and Cath in shy and more introverted. Cath is also obsessed with Simon Snow (basically harry potter). If you love to read, know what the word fandom means, have ever looked at fanfiction, felt awkward about new situations in college or consider yourself shy in any way I guarantee you’ll be able to relate to this book and it’s a really great read. True Cath is an extreme when it comes to her shyness (a whole month to get to the dining hall?) but it really is a feel good story that anyone who considered themselves the least bit shy, introverted or nerdy will love!

The long story (spoilers ahead!):

So we start with poor Cath who just sort of gets dumped at school and then her dad goes off to help get her sister Wren get set up. And right away it’s obvious that Cath is shy and introverted while Wren is outgoing. So I immediately relate with Cath. Because moving in my freshman year I was so nervous. Would I make friends? Who would I sit with in the dining hall? Would I be able to find my way around? And while I don’t think I was as bad as Cath (I didn’t avoid the dining hall for an entire month) I was always nervous and self conscious of everything.

The other level I’m sure lots of people who read this can relate to Cath is she’s in a fandom. And of course we’re always a little nervous to let people see how much we can geek out on them but 2 of my best friends in college I have met bonding over how much we love Game of Thrones and Sarah J Maas books and now we all watch The 100, Outlander and GOT together, go to the bookstore and pin all over each others nerd boards with LOTR and fangirl pins.
So anyway, about 30 pages into this book I was hooked. Cath writes fan fiction, something I’ve never personally done but I admit it I’ve read it so I can relate. This whole book just gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Watching Cath feel awkward about everything, seeing her start to figure things out.

I love Regan and how this person who she thought was big and scary takes her under her wing. I love her sarcasm in how she always calls her pathetic but goes out of her way to open her up to new experiences. One of my favorite lines she has is “But you’re so helpless sometimes. It’s like watching a kitten with its head trapped in a Kleenex box” (290). The whole situation is a little awkward until we find out that Regan really is done with Levi but I love the way she stands by Cath during the romantic drama. I love how everyone in this books is done in extremes. Cath is the extreme nerd, Levi is the extremely nice and outgoing person who says hi to everyone and Regan is the extremely confident, strong, girl who is scary just because she is fearless.

I totally called that Nick was going to steal their story for the final project. I actually expected him to just hand it in without telling her but I do appreciate that he asked. At first it seems like he’s going to be set up as part of a love triangle but once he declined to walk her home I was positive he was just using her to edit his work and help him with his story. What a slime ball. One of my favorite scenes was the only time we see Nick in the spring semester. I love the way Wren and Regan both act like body guards and are totally there for Cath, and then the fact that Levi appears makes it that much better. But I also love how we finally see Cath stand up for herself. When Nick wanted to use her story she didn’t know how to say no but this time she puts her foot down. She doesn’t yell, or cry she just tells him how she feels and then when it seems like he’s going to push back to much I love the way Rowell mentions how her whole support group rallies around her. She steps back into Levi, Regan kicks the door open more (of course she “kicks” it) and Wren pushes her through the door.

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Coming Into Your Nerdiness

Most people think college is the time to grow out of all your weird high school quirks. Did you ever imagine college would be the place you grow into them? For me high school was always about what the cool kids were doing. What clothes did they wear? What did they do for fun? What could I do to fit in with the cool kids?

And sure I still had all my nerdy quirks. I pretty much discovered the world of YA fiction in 11th grade after I finished the Hunger Games and started reading way too many books way too fast (something I had not done since Twilight in 8th grade). My friend Sarah and I loved to see all the Marvel movies as they came out because we both loved super hero movies.

I had always been obsessed with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings from an early age, but I had never really let my “fandom pride” show before.

And then I went to college.

My first semester of college I started watching Game of Thrones and was immediately obsessed. But none of my friends watched it so I never really talked about it. This was the year I discovered “Booktube” on youtube. Polandbananasbooks became a staple for me and I took all my book recommendations from her. I liked reading books she had videos on because it felt like I finally had someone to discuss them with; someone who understood. Now I wasn’t a loser of a total shut in if that’s what you’re thinking.I went out, drank, had 3am pizza and did all the fun “college things” and honestly enjoyed it. I had new friends but they just  had 1 new friend who also loved LOTR so we could nerd out about it a bit, and another who liked superhero movies. But it was my sophomore year of school that I was able to grow into my proud nerdiness. All my friends at school knew how much I read and I can’t say any of them felt the same or read any of the books I did. But it was when I joined a sorority that I finally found my people.


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Big Little Week: Man Crush Monday

So like I said in my last post (found here) about the subject, it is big little week!!!! So today  I went about my day. I went to 2 classes, a  meeting and physics lab (ya, ew) and was finally able to come home and boy was I blown away when I did.

It was raining men! Fictional Men! There were red streamers on the door and a big poster that said Man Crush Monday on it with a little cut out Jamie Fraser there to greet me. When I opened the door there were white rose petals leading from the doorway to the bed which was covered in balloons and various other goodies. I had cookies and brownies, a giant painted letter M (green of course) and a cute painted picture frame. There was the official Outlander adult coloring book (swoon) and a little Jamie Fraser Pop Figure (double swoon)! I mean look at these faces? How could I not faint when all of them are in my room at once?

But anyways…(gets distracted by attractive faces)…there were red streamers hanging from the ceiling and a cardboard Thor was attached to one of them, hanging over my bed like a guardian angel. But the hands down most impressive pieces were the 3 picture frames with my face cropped in. There was one of me and Jon Snow hanging out North of the Wall. Another of me and Jamie Fraser on horseback together and finally one of me and Bellamy Blake strolling through the woods together. I was struggling to go on at this point. I just had to keep in mind:


But then finally the piece de resistance is the mug. And it got me good. On it it says “Today I’m Mrs. ________” and includes a checklist of men including the following options:

  • Fraser
  • Blake
  • Snow
  • Stark
  • Whitethorn
  • Greenleaf
  • Winchester
  • Holmes

And with that I died. I am dead.


My fabulous new little has killed me with feels and I am so overwhelmed with how well she knows me and everything I love. Just take a look at the beautiful photos and see for yourself how amazing it is and I can’t wait for tomorrow!




Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sara J. Maas


So if you haven’t read the Throne of Glass Series then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life but you’re doing something wrong. Sara J. Maas’s Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the series and it is flawless. Go read it and come back because trust me you do not want to be spoiled for this one.

Spoilers Ahead!

Ok so Queen of Shadows where do I even begin. Let me tell you I have never been so indecisive about picking an OTP for a book. Normally I start a book, and if there’s any kind of love triangle I am immediately attached to one of the guys and I will stick with him the entire series. In the Throne of Glass series I was lost. First book, I couldn’t decide if I like Dorian of Chaol better but as the relationship between Dorian and Celaena developed I was ok with that. Then in Crown of Midnight, I was all for team Chaol. Then that literally fell apart and I didn’t think I would like book 3 because she was leaving both of them behind. Introducing Rowan. But of course in Heir of Fire we were reminded so many times that their feeling for each other weren’t romantic so how disappointed was I when she was leaving without him at the end.

And now here we are in Queen of Shadows and the Aelin Rowan relationship is just perfect.  I have never had to wait 4 books to see a romance realized and been totally ok with it. It was perfect. They are the ULTIMATE OTP. The silent conversations, the sass, the fierce protectiveness of each other is flawless.

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Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas 

A quick summary (spoiler free):

Celaena is Ardaland’s Assasin. But she’s been caught and working in a labor camp. Now she’s being offered a chance at redemption in a “goblet of fire” style contest to become the Kings champion. However, once she’s in the castle strange things start happening, contestants are being murderer and no one knows why or how.

Seriously if you have not started these yet, you need to. This series is amazing. It’s going to be a series of 6 books plus a prequel collection of novellas and it’s an amazing fantasy read with a badass main character and an all star cast. The entire book is filled with excitement, great honor scenes and some male leads so perfect it’s too hard to choose.

The long story…(spoilers ahead!):
Ok so my journey with this book began long before I read it. When I was a junior in high school I got a kindle and became a huge bookworm again (I had been in a reading slump in 9th and 10th grade). After getting this kindle and devouring the hunger games and mortal instruments I dove headfirst into the land of YA and got a goodreads account. From the first day I had the account it suggested throne of glass. And I ignored it. Because it was that hideous cover of the genetic girl holding a knife and the description sounded horrible “Two men love her, the whole world fears her, only she can save them all” or something like that. So I passed. Well it was always coming up as a recommendation and I kept ignoring it until the summer after my freshman year of college (over 2 years later). It wasn’t until my favorite booktuber polandbananasbooks gushed over it and had this beautiful cover that I decided to give it a go, since Christine had only led me astray once (didn’t like the legend series…don’t ask).  Continue reading

I Have a Little!

So here on campus I am a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, the national community service sorority and it is finally big little week!!!! We do things a little different than most sororities where the littles decorate the bigs rooms instead of the other way around. So last year I gave it my all, carrying big bags of carefully themes decorations all the way to my big’s apartment and this year it’s my turn. Now it’s supposed to be a surprise and then at the end of the week we find out who our little is but I already know because in pairing we both put each other first on our lists so there was no way we wouldn’t end up together.

But now all the fun can begin. Everyday this week I’ll come home to my room decorated, plus I’ll be helping my 2 housemates little’s coordinate coming and decorating there rooms so it’s going to be a very exciting week in this house!

To kick it all off was the reveal that I have a little. At Relay for Life this Saturday I got a package from another girl. She told me it was from “my little” and inside was a card that you would give to someone congratulating them on their new baby girl, a Game of Thrones House Stark teeshirt (which I already have but they only had in men’s XL at target so she got it for me in a medium so I could wear if for something besides bed) and a really adorable silver bracelet that says “BIG” on it. It was then that my Big, Jess reveled that she has one that says “GBIG” on it so it seems like we’re going to have a family set and I’m so excited to share all the fun goings on of the rest of the week.

And I know what you’re thinking: “what does your little get?”. Well for the next 2 weeks I’ll be putting together a beautiful basket full of canvases, gifts, letters, and other crafts to give to her at activation so I’m sure some of those crafts will be featured here as well!

Happy Big Little Week

Meeting Sarah J. Maas

So if you’ve read the Throne of Glass series or A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series, you know who Sarah J. Maas is. And even if you haven’t read them, there’s a good chance you may have heard of them since she is a New York Times Best Selling Author. Well this past Friday I had the chance to go a signing in a quaint little bookshop in Doylestown, PA.

Now I love reading and books, but I’ve never gone to meet an author before. But these books are so amazing I just had to go with my friend once she suggested it. My new friend Emily, who’d I’d actually met at school and bonded with over both loving the Throne of Glass series had gone to meet Sarah twice. So we hoped in her car after my class and set of for Doylestown from Delaware. Now it was only supposed to be an hour and a half car ride but it ended up taking an 3 hours to get there. We were in traffic almost the entire time and as time passed we had more anxiety about being late.

According to the flyer seating didn’t start until 6:30 and we arrived at about 5:50. We were both starving and Doylestown was this adorable downtown with lots of old looking stone buildings but we skipped our meal to go see what the bookstore looked like. Sure enough the front row was already full so we plopped ourselves down in the second row to wait until 7, when it started.

At first I felt a little awkward being between all these strangers but we all immediately had a connection. I am not the most outgoing person but I love to read and these people were not about to judge me for my choice in reading material. We all got talking about all different books and what we loved about Sarah’s books. We talked about Booktubers on Youtube and when I mentioned Polandbananasbooks people actually knew who I was talking about for once which was an amazing feeling. And so the time flew by and all the seating filled up and then suddenly I was 1 row away from Sarah J. Maas.

Kara Thomas was there also doing this even. In fact this even was really for the release of her first book, The Darkest Corners which is a true crime novel that Sarah compared to Gone Girl and True Detective. Sarah was really moderating the event. It was cute because she had prepared 18 questions even though they had time for about 3. Kara was actually a great speaker and gave great answers and Sarah was hilarious. Her personality is just so bubbly and goofy.

A couple highlights they discussed were:

-Sarah asked Kara to play “F***, Marry, Kill LOTR edition” however since there were kids in the audience she changed it to Kiss Marry Kill for Frodo, Legolas and Aragorn. Kara had an instant answer. “Kill Frodo (duh), Kiss Legolas and Marry Aragorn”. Sarah followed up with telling us she had a life size cut out of Legolas in her office so she would have to say kill Frodo, F, not kiss “because things escalated quickly” Aragorn and marry her one true love Legolas. I was all about that because Legolas has always been my one true love out of the entire fellowship.

-While moderating Sarah complemented Kara by telling us that we would all be horrified to know that the first thing she does when she gets a new book is flip to the last page and read the ending (gasp). But she was so enthralled with the mystery in Kara’s book that she made herself read the entire thing without flipping to the end.

-Another highlight came during the questions section. They were speaking to people who were aspiring writers about people doubting them. Sarah was telling a story of how she had a creative writing elective in high school and the teacher told her that fantasy was not real writing and fantasy authors like Philip Pullman (the golden compass) were not real authors. Well Sarah told us she kept and online journal and went home and wrote angrily that she hoped this teacher got crushed by a giant box of fantasy novels. She went on to say that she had yet to send this particular teacher a copy of her book with “niener niener” written on the inside cover, but she’d like to think she was above that. She got a loud shout that “she doesn’t deserve a free one!” from the audience.

-During the discussion of not letting anyone doubt you both Kara and Sarah got into talking about how they got started writing. Everyone got a good laugh when Sarah said most of her writing started writing all kinds of Harry Potter Fanfictions where she would sort the Sailor Scouts into their Hogwarts Houses. It was just fun to see an acclaimed author admit that she was a nerd and a geek at one point and wrote fan fiction. Both Sarah and Kara were asked what they were like in high school and both said they were in the nerdy category. However Sarah went on to say how she walked around with a chip on her shoulder with her headphones in and even though she was a nerd if anyone bothered her while she was listening to her music or anything she would just give them this look.

-This led into Sarah brining up how she had recently taken the Buzzfeed hybrid Harry Potter House quiz and how most people would assume she’s a Ravenclaw because she’s a writer but apparently she’s a dumb jock because she’s a Gryffindor (same whoop whoop). However then she said that she’s actually a Slyderdor so she is an “ambitious dumb jock”. Someone in the audience pointed out to her that means she’s basically Harry Potter and when she said “oh that does mean I’m Harry Potter” she was met with applause. Kara told us that she is a rare breed. She would also assume herself a Ravenclaw but “guess I’m not smart enough for that”, and is actually a Slyerpuff. Of course most people may see that as an oxymoron of sorts but she had a great little explanation of being ambitious but not at the cost of her friends.

The whole interview process was really great. All the audience questions were great because there was almost no one there who had read Kara’s book yet but no one asked Sarah really specific questions. Everyone asked things that could always be discussed by both of them like how Sarah’s fantasy world building differed from Kara’s realistic world building.

At the end if was time to line up and get books signed! I had been told that at previous events she would only sign 3 books so I painstakingly decided to bring Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire. I also bought A Court of Thorns and Roses because you had to buy 1 book from the bookstore to get them signed. Emily went first, got her photos, got her books signed and her photo. And then it was my turn. We told her how we’d just met recently and bonded over our mutual love of her books. We told her about our long drive from UD. I got my individual photo and then we got a nice group photo (which her husband photo bombed in the back but that’s fine cause have you seen him? Inspiration for Dorian?). Right before it was time for me to walk away I showed Sarah a snapchat art because I’d been bored recently and on a roll and had done a great Legolas and it made her laugh.

Leaving the bookstore I was practically shaking. We were starving of course so we walked down the adorable streets of Doylestown and found a cute pizza shop. After that we found this awesome used book store across the street and browsed for a bit before we finally called it quits and left.

All in all it was such an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I met Sarah. She’s so awesome and funny and seems so down to earth and I’m so hype for her next book to come out in 8 days and then for Empire of Storms in the fall! If you like her books and ever have the chance to go meet her do it because it was awesome and I will forever be a star stuck fangirl anytime I think of the encounter.