I Have a Little!

So here on campus I am a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, the national community service sorority and it is finally big little week!!!! We do things a little different than most sororities where the littles decorate the bigs rooms instead of the other way around. So last year I gave it my all, carrying big bags of carefully themes decorations all the way to my big’s apartment and this year it’s my turn. Now it’s supposed to be a surprise and then at the end of the week we find out who our little is but I already know because in pairing we both put each other first on our lists so there was no way we wouldn’t end up together.

But now all the fun can begin. Everyday this week I’ll come home to my room decorated, plus I’ll be helping my 2 housemates little’s coordinate coming and decorating there rooms so it’s going to be a very exciting week in this house!

To kick it all off was the reveal that I have a little. At Relay for Life this Saturday I got a package from another girl. She told me it was from “my little” and inside was a card that you would give to someone congratulating them on their new baby girl, a Game of Thrones House Stark teeshirt (which I already have but they only had in men’s XL at target so she got it for me in a medium so I could wear if for something besides bed) and a really adorable silver bracelet that says “BIG” on it. It was then that my Big, Jess reveled that she has one that says “GBIG” on it so it seems like we’re going to have a family set and I’m so excited to share all the fun goings on of the rest of the week.

And I know what you’re thinking: “what does your little get?”. Well for the next 2 weeks I’ll be putting together a beautiful basket full of canvases, gifts, letters, and other crafts to give to her at activation so I’m sure some of those crafts will be featured here as well!

Happy Big Little Week

3 thoughts on “I Have a Little!

  1. twenty-ish says:

    This is interesting; as a big you don’t know who your little is? I’ve never seen anyone do that! That must be more nerve wrecking than the other way around, which is how we do it at my university; the bigs find out who their little is, but the little has no idea who their big is and then we do a reveal. Funny how things change from place to place!

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