BIG LITTLE WEEK: Tropical Tuesday

So! Today was day 2 of big little week and the theme was under the sea, but with a bit of a twist. When I got to my door there was a sign that seemed a little out of place since it said “From the witchlands to under the sea, you’re the only big for me”. Now I’m sure you can figure out which part of that sentence seems a little out of place…

So witchlands. No idea what that meant. No idea what it had to do with Under the Sea but continuing through my door decorated with pieces of kelp streamers into my nautical room. It was awesome. There were green streamers hanging from the ceiling vertically so it looked like I was in a field of kelp and some of the streamers had little sea creatures attached to them. The bed was covered in a plastic table cloth that sported all sorts of underwater creatures.

The bed was also covered in goodies. Another mug (running out of shelf space for those), that was filled with cookies!!!! (I finished all the ones I got yesterday already). There was a really cute canvas that went on my wall straight away, leis, a coconut bra (which I put on immediately for a photo). There was a big blow up parrot, a frame shaped like sunglasses, blue balloons, bubbles, 2 types of fish shaped candy and another big sign that read “Darling it’s better wearing these letters” to go nicely with the song under the sea.

The out of place object you may have noticed was the book.

In the middle of my bed there was a book. And it was called Truthwitch. So now you can see where the “witchlands” were tying into the theme. I had never heard of the series but there was a blurb from Sarah J Maas on the cover so I’m positive that why my little read the book and why she knows I’ll like it. So I picked it up to read the inside flap and what do I see but this book is signed by the author! My little is literally the reason I went to my first book signing ever and the reason my signed book collection went from 0 to 3 signed books in 1 afternoon. And now she’s just moved it up to 4. I’m excited to read it (it looks great on the shelf being protected by pocket jamie) and I can only imagine what she has in store for me tomorrow!


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