Big Little Week: Wars on Wednesday

Day 3 of Big Little Week and it was a good one! It’s official title was “Wars on Wednesday” so there was a mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. My bed was transformed into an AT-AT and covered in all sorts of Star Wars swag, including some hand sewn Star Wars Letters (plus some mini letters for a “new friend?”). Some of the goodies included a cup, giant pen, freeze pops (yaasss), a little portable charger shaped like a storm trooper AND this AWESOME canvas that said “pick your weapon” with jon snows sword, a lightsaber, gandalf’s staff and the elder wand on it!

The other half of the theme was displayed in the giant tree that had once been my chair. On it there was this absolutely stunning canvas with a Tolkien quote on it, and a little baby Groot stuffed animal (he is so soft and so cute I almost died) but with him was a quote about the baby ents from LOTR so I think that’s what he was supposed to be. Over by my door I had the OG dark lord himself watching me, the great eye of Sauron.

Over my bed there were wall stickies of all the babes from the Hobbit plus some quotes and the ring, and a few other LOTR themes stickers and best of all they look reusable!

I’m so excited for tomorrow since I had instructions to leave the tree and the eye up so who knows what I’ll get for day 4!

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