Big Little Week: Thrones on Thursday

So for my last day of Big Little week my little really outdid herself. She has been combining themes all week and this one took the cake. Today was Game of Thrones of Glass day, combining Game of Thrones with Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. There was a great sign on my door and then when I walked in it was amazing.

On the bed I had goodies waiting but the real eye catcher was the corner of my room. My chair had been transformed from fangorn forest left over from yesterday into the red weirwood tree from game of thrones. Next to that my desk chair had been tin foiled into the FREAKING IRON THRONE! Next to my THRONE was a basket with the 3 dragon eggs in it and on the tree was a beautiful canvas that combines quotes from game of thrones and lord of the rings, plus a wine cake!!! I don’t know what a wine cake is but it also came with chocolate drizzle to put on it so I’m super excited to eat it. There was also a hand painted chalice of a wine glass with the stark family sigil on it.

On my bed was more of the Throne of Glass theme. I had another pair of homemade letters. There were silver letters and in the print, barely visible are little stag heads. I also had a new friend to wear the mini star wars letter I had gotten yesterday. I had a new build-a-bear dog and can you guess what its name was? Fleetfoot!!!

I had a second bracelet to go with the one she’d gotten me that said “big” and this one said “To Whatever End”. To go alone with another Throne of Glass quote I had a beautiful canvas that says “do not let that light go out” and a big bag of candy that says “Yulemas came early” on it.

There was also a cryptic note on the bed. It informed me that there was a prize hidden in the room and I had to use the secret note from yesterday. Now on the back of Sauron’s eye there was a note but a few of the words were in dwarvish. This note had the key of dwarvish to english so I was able to decode the riddle that I had a surprise hidden under the dragon eggs. And what do I find but the Amulet of Orynth from Throne of Glass!!!!

Honestly I am so impressed with everything she did for me this week. It was all amazing and magical and she is so creative. I can’t wait to “meet” her tomorrow (lol I know who you are we literally watched The 100 together tonight) but wow, I’m floored by how well you know me and I will have to step up my basket game to get on your level.



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