Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


If you have not read A Court of Thorns and Roses then you shouldn’t read this sine this is about the second book in that series. But it’s a great series and the second book elevated the entire series ten fold. Be warned it has some graphic adult content so not really YA but SOOO GOOOD.

Spoilers Ahead

A Court of Mist and Fury was amazing. I could not put it down. I liked A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was really good but in my mind it was not on the same level as Throne of Glass. If Throne of Glass as a series was a 10 then ACOTAR was a 7ish. But after reading ACOMAF if Throne of Glass is a 10 then it is a 9.9999999. It was so amazing. So leaving off we had a very broken Feyre and we could tell at the end of ACOTAR that Feyre was definitely going to be in a bad place starting off the next book.

I could tell from the opening that I was not going to enjoy the place where feyre  was in her own head. I always hate in the second book in a series the protagonist always seems to come into some sort of self doubt that ultimately causes or is caused by a rift in the romance. And it usually takes them so long to put themselves back together again. So right away with the puking and the nightmares I sensed I was going to be somewhat put off with feyre (not that I don’t understand she went through horrible things). But did anyone think it was weird that Tamalin wouldn’t get up and comfort her when she puked and had nightmares?

Then we get thrown into tamalin and the wedding. Now I feel for tamalin wanting to keep her safe but couldn’t he tell that everything that made her feyre was gone? They didn’t have any of the witty banter they once had. He wasn’t letting her be the fierce independent woman she once was. So I was already sending the rift between them. But I didn’t think she’d essentially try to leave him at the alter!?

Thank god Rhys showed up. Because obviously we were just waiting for him to appear since the start. So of course he had to be a wedding crashed but I love how he A) prevents feyre from having to leave tamalin at the alter and B) tells her that he was answering her call for help.

Now Sarah J Maas is the ONLY author who prevents me from joining a ship that I will willingly go down with. I could never pick in the throne of glass series between Dorian and Chaol and then she introduced Rowan so she kept me on my toes for 4 books there. And now here we are. I loved Tamalin, I really did, but I can already feel my roots and attachments for him being uprooted and moving to Rhys. I just love that in the very first chapter we’re with him he brings Feyre back to life. He had her all fired up, throwing shoes at him. He gets her all in a fit because he’s going to make her learn to read. She isn’t forgetting that she’s broken, but it’s not the only thing she can think about. 

So we get these nice Rhys scenes but then we have to go back to Tamalin and the Spring Court. Which brings me to the other 2 characters we see there. Ianthe. I was suspicious of her right from the beginning. At first I thought maybe she’d try and steal Tamalin from Feyre, but then I was suspicious of her always sidelining Feyre. The other character is Lucien who I was so disappointed in. I loved Lucien in ACOTAR. He was great, always the comic relief coming in with witty 1 liners. But in ACOMAF he tried but always failed to help Feyre. But I did always think he’d end up with one of Feyre’s sisters and it seems like that is going to be the case. I just never thought it would be Elaine. I always pictured him with Nesta. But I pictured the old, fiery Lucien with Nesta. Cassain reminds me a lot of Lucien from ACOTAR so I think it’s perfect that Cassian and Nesta seem like they’re going to be a thing. I think the mating bond is there for them from the way Cassian was trying to get to her in the throne room.

And with Rhys and Feyre’s mating bond was anyone surprised? I called it right then and there when he stumbled at the end of ACOTAR that he felt the mating bond with Feyre. And I was positive I was right when they mentioned very early on in ACOMAF that the mating bond between her and Tamalin hadn’t appeared yet. I was glad they didn’t drag out her being mad at him because I hate when the couple fights for a stupid reason for way to long.

Another thing I was very glad was not draw out was her leaving Tamalin. She left, and then it did not take her long to decide she wasn’t going back, end of story. There was no wishy washy back and forth for half the book. She left and realized that Rhys was better for her and moved on, away from what was becoming an abusive relationship. You go girl.

I loved getting to see the Night Court and meet Rhys’s inner circle. Because of course we all thought it would be a horrible dark place but then we get to see Velaris and meet Mor, Cassian, Azriel and Armen. I love the strong female characters, who also have tragic backgrounds but are so tough. And I love Cassian. He is one of my favorite kinds of characters. Not the romantic interest but the “big brother” figure, who is funny and always making everything a joke, but then can be serious and protective when needed. He had some great lines. Right away he’s the joker telling Feyre “he won’t bite” and spewing his wine at dinner when she addresses him a “Lord Cassian”. I love when Cassian gets into it with Nesta early on and we can see there’s going to be something there but then he does his other role and defends Nesta against the Queens when she needs the backup. And he really shows that big brother role when he’s teaching Feyre to fight and she finally lets out all her emotion. And he is so understanding, and lets her punch fiery fists through the pads and is willing to let her keep punching if she needed it. So sweet.

One scene that had me laughing out loud was just another where Rhys was so understanding about how Feyre did not need to be protected because she was weak but her friends would look out for her because they cared when she asked Rhys how to tell Azriel and Caassian that she didn’t need them to protect her. I love his answer of “You don’t tell them. You set boundaries if they cross a line but your are their friend and my mate and then protect you on instinct”. However it was the next line that had me snickering to myself. “If you kick their asses out of the house they’ll just sit on the roof”. I don’t know why I found it so funny but I did.

The whole book was riveting. I loved that we were constantly switching locations so nothing was ever dull. And there was one action scene after another, not to mention a plethora of steamy R rated scene. I was not expecting it to be so graphic since ACOTAR only really had 1 but we jumped right in and did not slow down.

It was great to see Feyre to see herself come into her own. I love when Lucien found her in the forest and she held her ground. But god near the end it seemed like everything had been going so well. And then Velaris was attacked and it all started to go downhill to set us up for book 3. The attack on Velaris was hard to read, but I was glad we finally got to see Feyre on the attack. Then with the plan to go into Hyperben we all knew it was a trap like come on guys!


But we went in anyways. Now I really thought we were going to lose someone in there so when Azriel got shot I thought he was a goner. And then my other prediction for the end, that we’d see Tamalin again, also came true. I was frustrated the entire ending with them not being able to do anything. I wasn’t really sad her sisters got turned into Fae.But then that ending tried to rip my heart out. First when Feyre pretty much sacrificed herself to go with Tamalin. Then the breaking of their bond murdered me and I lost it. And THEN we get a Rhys chapter and he drops 2 bombshells on us. That 1) the mating bond is in tact and he understands her plan and was playing the game the whole time! And 2) HE MADE HER THE HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT!!!!!!


Did anyone else die after they read that. Especially since I nearly keeled over when Mor says “You mean to tell me that my High Lady is now surrounded by enemies”. Dead.

But now here I am, a year away from the final book. What will happen. Obviously war is coming but I feel like we’re very much back where we started this book. Feyre is miserable with Tamalin. I really hope we don’t have to spend half the book with Feyre and Rhys being separated. Also am I going to have to witness Feyre Tamalin sex scenes because no. Rhys is her mate. So no.

I hope Nesta becomes a force to be reckoned with and I think Lucien will find his way back to the light. It seemed like he wasn’t 100% on board with Tamalin’s traitorous plan and definitely doesn’t believer Feyre’s lies but I think we might get him back on her side. I just can’t stand it if Rhys and Feyre are separated this entire book. Also do we think we’re going to lose someone before the end? And who? If it’s Cassian I’ll be so sad but at the same time if it’s Azriel taken from Mor. And do we think Tarquin will be a problem? I was sad that they couldn’t be friends because while the non Feyre Rhyse flirting was annoying I did like him. I think Rhys will approach him as an ally again, despite the blood rubies. ALSO my last big prediction is that the third book will alternate POV from Rhys and Feyre which I would LOVE! We got that last chapter in his POV which I think was a set up to get the next book in 2 POVs since to see Rhys’s inner circle we’ll need to be with him and I will not be satisfied losing contact with them until Rhys and Feyre are together again if it’s only from her POV UNLESS that reunion happens very very early on (which would also be fine).

Leave your thought, favorite scenes etc in the comments so I can keep thinking and talking about his book. It was so amazing and it’s gonna be a long wait for the next one.

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