Big Little Basket

So since my Little spoiled me during big little week and decorated my room all week, at activation we spoil them rotten with a basket of goodies. And I went all out. Now I don’t have individual photos of everything that went into it but enjoy some of the highlights!


First thing first, my canvases. Her canvases that she gave me were beautiful so I had to measure up. The first one is just an outline of her home state, Delaware. Her favorite color is red and our sorority color is maroon so I used those colors. The second one is because our family is the “Harry Potter Family” so giving this canvas to our littles is a family tradition. The last one is because we bonded over loving New Zealand and LOTR. I was there this winter for study abroad and she’d just learned she’d been accepted to a program for next winter so I knew I needed a Tolkien Quote with New Zealand featured.

Next I’m sure the eye is drawn to the beautiful letters. I have my fabulous GBig to thank for sewing all of those. I think the marvel letters will be her favorites but hopefully she likes out purple family letters (not pictured) for HP and the others I picked because she likes red.


Of course seeing as me and my little bonded over all things nerdy I had to include some geeky gifts. I got her a Groot Pop thingy to go with the  Groot she gave me during big little week. She also got a copy of one of my favorite new books Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because I’m sure she’ll be able to relate to it as much as me. While I was in line at Barnes and Noble they had a little Outlander Mortar and Pestle that she had fawned over last time we’d been there so I threw that in. I also found this huge wooden book box that opens so I found a nice quote about books with the word little in it. She can keep her poem in it. I had to thrown a Harry Potter Coloring Book in there because we’re the Harry Potter fam. Not too mention the Harry Potter glasses in there that she had to wear and a mason jar full of popsicle sticks with Harry Potter quotes on them.

I also included 2 pieces of drink ware. I copied the mug she gave me so it says “Today I’m Mrs. _____” and her options were Whitethorn, Greenleaf, Blake, Snow, Fraser, Thor. And then her wineglass is “Wee Jamie”. I tried to give it a kilt pattern similar to that of everyones favorite scottish highlanders James Fraser and then decided to just go for it and give the glass some curly red hair and a beard.

The other super nerdy thing in there was the big wooden letter E. It’s black and just has the names of books, movies and TV shows all over it on all sides.

Everything else is pretty much your more standard Big Little Gifts. I had a cute Big/Little picture frame, a little box for her to put her new membership pin in. A little hanging set of letters on a nice Terresan Green background and a tie blanket to cushion the whole basket.

And then the poem I had to write her which gets read aloud by someone else. I thought it was cute. I had plenty of little inside jokes (if you watch Outlander you know the Honeypot reference). And then of course in Fam tradition it had to end with a reference to her Hogwarts house and with our closing line about Hogwarts letters and Greek letter.


But the piece de resistance of the whole basket and what I’m most proud of is the paddle. It is beautiful. It’s fire engine red with “Fire Breathing Bitch Queen” across it, some clashing swords and a vibrant flame. I love it so much. True we’re not supposed to have swears with letters (and it does have letters on it) but technically it is a quote and it’s a Throne of Glass quote so I HAD to do it. I love it so much and think it came out great and if that isn’t enough, my little tweeted it at Sarah J Maas and Sarah LIKED IT!!!!!


That was everything and did I spoil her? Maybe. But I was trying to live up to the fabulous Big Little Week she gave me and almost everything in there was a personal gift of something that helped bring us together so I’ll just say she was worth it. Needless to say I think she was pretty excited…



Book Review: The Crown (Selection #5) by Kiera Cass

Non Spoilery:

So this is the “fifth” book in this series (in my mind it really is the second book in the spinoff series from the original selection series) but that being said you have a lot of catching up to do if you haven’t read the series yet so go read them and then come back once you’re caught up and lets discuss!

Spoilers Ahead!

So I really liked The Selection when I stumbled upon it. Then The Elite was good, not great but good and then The One ended up not being what we all hoped for in a conclusion. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great because America was just being stupid the whole time and she is honestly one of the most frustrating narrators to read because you just want to shake her, scream at her or slap her 99% of the time.

That being said her daughter, who stars in this unexpected wrap up of the series is 100 times worse. She makes America look like the most sane decision maker ever. In The Heir she was unbearable. Like reading her character was actually painful. So right off the bat in The Crown she was a million times better. It was great to see her taking Ahren’s letter to heart and actively being kinder to people. I love that she actually appoints Neena as he lady in waiting and that her and Josie sort things out. She really steps up as a leader in the scenes with the Council. She’s not coldhearted but proves she can be a good leader. And even with the Elite she’s more open with them.

Now the book was good, not great. For some reason just like with The One the ending felt rushed and it felt like certain things did not really get wrapped up. Just like in The One when we find out her dad is a rebel or where they decide at the very end to get rid of the Castes. In The One none of that ever gets well developed. Same with when Eadlyn decides to make the country a constitutional monarchy in the last chapter. She just drops that bomb on us and that’s the end of that. We never hear the country’s reaction to her picking someone not in the selection or the reaction to their change in government. We never get to see what comes of the letter to get Neena’s boyfriend relocated closer either which is not a big deal but it would have been nice.

Now for her actual selection, did anyone else think that Erik was going to win because I was suspicious. What I liked was when her and Kile had a conversation about how “it wasn’t love yet but it was something” because I liked that she wouldn’t admit that she could easily fall head over heels for someone that quickly. I liked that approach. How she was a strong woman, surrounded by other strong women who didn’t let the idea that she could create this fairy tale romance with a bunch of random men. I loved the scene in the advisors meeting when she accused her advisor of calling her emotional and equating it with her being female. But in the end I didn’t like that all of a sudden she was completely head over heels for Erik, who she had never spent any one on one time with. I wouldn’t of minded if she had admitted there was something there, or it may have been love, but just the way she jumped in with both feel to the “I FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE” train felt a little forced.

Like I said it was good, and definitely redeemed her abysmal character from The Heir but like The One I find the ending left something to be desired. Also things always wrap up to conveniently. In The One the king dies, so they never have to deal with his approval of America as Queen, Anne dies so we never have to worry about that Lucy and her like Ledger. In this one, Hale and Ean end up being gay for each other which eliminated 2 right when it was getting down to things and Marin sort of gets “wrapped up nicely” with the constitutional monarchy situation. What’s to stop him from becoming the prime minister? The people love him, they’d vote for him and then he’d have more power than her.

One things I did like was at the end when Maxom lists out all the traitorous things the family has done. I wish he and America had been more honest with their kids about what when on during their selection because a lot of important moments happened. I wish they’d told them the story about her getting shot, him almost picking someone else like an idiot, general ledges roll in all that, what a horrible person Maxom’s father was. I did love the bombshell that Lady Brice was actually Maxom’s half sister. I thought that was nice and when he mentioned he’d been keeping 2 traitors alive for 20 years I thought he was the second one and could not guess where the story was going.

All in all it was not bad, just not amazing. I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Also anyone else disappointed with that epilogue? Like we don’t even get anything after she picks Eikko? No wedding, no moment, nothing? I will say this though, these books have the most beautiful covers (although I wish they’d put her in the gold coronation dress on the cover. Also did anyone else thing the red dress she borrowed from America was the one she wore after Celeste and her fought because of the mention of the little sleeves?)Anyways, they are so beautiful and I didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me but the title always gives away the outcome. I never got The One meant it was obvious she would win (plus the fact that she was in a wedding dress on the front) just like I din’t get The Crown meant she would become Queen.

Share your thoughts, tell me what you liked and didn’t like!

Book Review: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Non Spoilery:

So this is the third and final book in this series and trust me you do not want to be spoiled for this series because not knowing what’s happening is all a big part of it so go read the series then come back and we can discuss!

Spoilers Ahead!

I did not realize what a fabulous author Rick Yancey was until now. I’m just gonna start out by saying that. It feels like it has been forever since I read the 5th Wave and the Infinite Sea and they’re not exactly books you reread all the time so the last contact I’ve really had with the series was seeing the movies and this book has only made me realize even more what a disappointment the movies was.

I mean in that they completely lose sight of Cassie’s character in the movies because from the get go in the Last Star she is everything we want her to be. Her witty, sarcastic humor just kills me. Everything she says/thinks is just so hilarious and sarcastic despite the super dark depressing world she’s in where kids are dying and her parents are dead and her little brother is saying he hates her and they’re all going to be killed by aliens.

I love that the first line we get from her is “I’m going to kill Evan Walker”. We know he is her love interest, and yet she says this throughout the series. And I love it. The way Rick writes Cassie is so flawless and she is just such a refreshing protagonist to follow around because she is so witty and funny and everything she says is dripping with sarcasm but then she says or thinks about these things that seem funny or unimportant and Rick spins them into these deep manful metaphors. He does it 4 or 5 times in her first chapter. With the alphabet and the importance of Sam forgetting it. Then with the idea that she loves too many Bens which when she lists all 3 is cute but then she gets deep on this idea that no one is just one simple person anymore and then she does it in the same paragraph with the idea that she wants a sandwich and then flips it into how normal has changed. I just click with her brand of sarcasm.
Now that I’ve praised Rick’s writing (STOP HERE MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD) WTF RICK?!?! Continue reading

The Biggest Book Hangover Ever…


So it has now been exactly 1 month since I finished Sarah J Maas’s new book A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF), the second book in her A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Since then I’ve had at least 3 books I’ve been waiting at least a year for to come out but that doesn’t matter because I am still hopelessly and completely hooked on ACOMAF. And the first book in the series did this to me too, though not nearly as bad. Although after ACOTAR I didn’t think it was amazing, I thought it was good. But then I found myself rereading it day after day, and must have reread it 3 or 4 times in the first week after I finished it and realized I was hooked more than I was willing to admit to myself.

ebe25dcdf23fd8ce1b5b9bf9172242b1If you read the book then you know it was fabulously written and Sarah absolutely killed it while showing important topics and developing meaningful relationships and
characters.Plus the en was feels on feels on feels like really really bad (see image). But I’m not looking to spoil anyone in this post if you haven’t read it yet (if you have read my review here!). I’m just looking to vent how oppressive my book hangover has been for the past month with the help of some hilarious and extremely fitting memes (thank you pinterest).


So, like I said it’s been a month and I’m currently reading 3 other books but none of them
feel right. Every single book I pick up just isn’t what I want even if it’s good because all I 394bc25c5e21e61bcd28dc79b8d5be8bwant is more ACOMAF. Literally the moment I finished the book I started rereading it and after I did that (more than once) I was looking for fanfic. I have NEVER immediately looked for fanficon a book. In fact, I don’t actually read it that often and the only thing I’ve ever really looked at it for is The 100 which is the last thing I was this hopelessly obsessed with. But anyway I was
scouring the internet for quality fics that took everything that happened in the second book into account, not just the first and found all of 3. Then I
was checking them every day to see if they updated because I needed MORE and was always hopelessly disappointed (did I mention it was my finals week?).


Now I will preface this by saying I don’t have a tumblr, don’t understand how to use it and have never wanted one. That said, since finishing ACOMAF I have had a tumblr page open on my laptop and phone for the past month. It is the page of a tumblrer (tumblie?) who is559789759d5ee5d101382965caac99d6 writing a third ACOTAR book fic and it is what I need in my life. She puts up a chapter a day so I refresh this page 5-15 times a day. And once the chapter goes up I will drop
EVERYTHING to read it. I have also just gotten in the habit of reading everything she posts about ACOMAF/ACOTAR or “reblogs” (again, I don’t tumble) because I need everything ACOMAF. I have even gone onto tumblr and searched “ACOMAF” just so I can look at all the posts about it. That is how bad this book hangover still is.

I honestly do not know what to do with myself. The next book doesn’t come out until May 2017 and even worse than that it will be THE LAST book in this series so it will kill me twice. Honestly I’m such a mess right now all because this one book just came into my life and killed me. I am dead, deceased, bereft of life, pushing up daisies all because I can’t get over the feels from this damn book. SOS



Wish me luck.







Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Non Spoilery!

So if you’re big into reading and particularly YA, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Red Queen as it has become a bit of a sensation. In this book we follow our protagonist Mare Barrow through a world that is divided between the regular people with red blood and the privileged ruling class, who have a variety of powers and have silver blood.

If you liked books like the Hunger Games you’ll probably like this series. I gave it 4/5 stars so I recommend it so go read it and come back so we can discuss it!

Spoilers ahead!!!!

Ok so Red Queen. First of all, the very first thing I would like to say (Non spoilers stop now or be spoiled for the entire book) I KNEW SHADE WAS ALIVE! I KNEW IT. Literally the second she found out he was dead I was convinced that he just didn’t come back because he was off with the Guard. Now when Farley said he knew what he was getting into my confidence wavered a bit but I was right.

Another thing I would like to touch on was my confusion at the beginning of this book. I went into this thinking it was fantasy. So when there was mention of arenas and electricity I had to shift my entire view of this world. I had to adjust from a more medieval setting to something that resembled the Hunger Games, with the rich class having all the modern comforts and then some and the poor class having rudimentary access to modern comforts like electricity.

With this change of thinking I was confused if this was meant to by Dystopian. Were all the references to the “old world” talking about our history? They never really made it clear. But that’s what I ended up going with whenever they talked about the old world before this. And I REALLY REALLY wanted a map! I was dying for one. Mare gives such detailed descriptions of where things are located in reference to others but I was having such a hard time envisioning it. Now once I was running with my dystopian theory I started picturing the USA as out home base. And obviously Norta would be in the North and so in my mind the Lakelands was obviously the Great Lakes area with no access to the sea and Norta would be New England (which I was near sure of because the author is from Massachusetts and hello, Mass pride?). But the nail in the coffin for confirming that theory was the mention of a “hooked cape” near the city Harbor Bay. Obviously since she’s from Mass, the “hooked cape” is Cape Cod so Harbor Bay is Boston. If you don’t agree with me look up the Red Queen Map. It’s even used on the book’s wiki page (SEE BELOW FOR MAP!)

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