The Biggest Book Hangover Ever…


So it has now been exactly 1 month since I finished Sarah J Maas’s new book A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF), the second book in her A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Since then I’ve had at least 3 books I’ve been waiting at least a year for to come out but that doesn’t matter because I am still hopelessly and completely hooked on ACOMAF. And the first book in the series did this to me too, though not nearly as bad. Although after ACOTAR I didn’t think it was amazing, I thought it was good. But then I found myself rereading it day after day, and must have reread it 3 or 4 times in the first week after I finished it and realized I was hooked more than I was willing to admit to myself.

ebe25dcdf23fd8ce1b5b9bf9172242b1If you read the book then you know it was fabulously written and Sarah absolutely killed it while showing important topics and developing meaningful relationships and
characters.Plus the en was feels on feels on feels like really really bad (see image). But I’m not looking to spoil anyone in this post if you haven’t read it yet (if you have read my review here!). I’m just looking to vent how oppressive my book hangover has been for the past month with the help of some hilarious and extremely fitting memes (thank you pinterest).


So, like I said it’s been a month and I’m currently reading 3 other books but none of them
feel right. Every single book I pick up just isn’t what I want even if it’s good because all I 394bc25c5e21e61bcd28dc79b8d5be8bwant is more ACOMAF. Literally the moment I finished the book I started rereading it and after I did that (more than once) I was looking for fanfic. I have NEVER immediately looked for fanficon a book. In fact, I don’t actually read it that often and the only thing I’ve ever really looked at it for is The 100 which is the last thing I was this hopelessly obsessed with. But anyway I was
scouring the internet for quality fics that took everything that happened in the second book into account, not just the first and found all of 3. Then I
was checking them every day to see if they updated because I needed MORE and was always hopelessly disappointed (did I mention it was my finals week?).


Now I will preface this by saying I don’t have a tumblr, don’t understand how to use it and have never wanted one. That said, since finishing ACOMAF I have had a tumblr page open on my laptop and phone for the past month. It is the page of a tumblrer (tumblie?) who is559789759d5ee5d101382965caac99d6 writing a third ACOTAR book fic and it is what I need in my life. She puts up a chapter a day so I refresh this page 5-15 times a day. And once the chapter goes up I will drop
EVERYTHING to read it. I have also just gotten in the habit of reading everything she posts about ACOMAF/ACOTAR or “reblogs” (again, I don’t tumble) because I need everything ACOMAF. I have even gone onto tumblr and searched “ACOMAF” just so I can look at all the posts about it. That is how bad this book hangover still is.

I honestly do not know what to do with myself. The next book doesn’t come out until May 2017 and even worse than that it will be THE LAST book in this series so it will kill me twice. Honestly I’m such a mess right now all because this one book just came into my life and killed me. I am dead, deceased, bereft of life, pushing up daisies all because I can’t get over the feels from this damn book. SOS



Wish me luck.







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