Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

Non Spoilery

So this is the 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series so if you haven’t read it yet, don’t read on and go read them because this series is AMAZING!:


Spoilers Ahead!

So after finishing Crown of Midnight I was not excited for Heir of Fire. I was sad that Celaena was going to be leaving the palace, Chaol and Dorian. I was heartbroken that the most beautiful and heart warming romance that blossomed during the beginning of Crown of Midnight was now seemingly dead, but maybe it was Dorian’s chance again. I didn’t know what to think to be quite honest. I still couldn’t make up my mind about whether I preferred Dorian or Chaol because Sarah is just that good at writing that you can’t settle.

So I went into Heir of Fire thinking it would be the worst book of the series. And came out with a new favorite. That’s right Heir of Fire is my favorite book in the series thus far (last updated: includes books 1-4), and it’s not just because the cover is green (my favorite color in case you were wondering).

We start off with a very broken Celaena and we are introduced to Rowan. And how can you not immediately love him. I love when she realizes that Mauve has given her a teacher who is essentially her opposite. Where she’s hot, he’s cold. He can nullify her powers instead of control them.

Now Celaena is in a very dark place following the death of Nehemiah and break up with Chaol. But we also finally get to see some of the growth into who she really is in this book. Rowan is constantly calling her Aelin so we get used to hearing her true name. I also love that since magic isn’t blocked here we finally get to see some of the immense power she has, and the magic scenes are always fun.

Her relationship with Rowan starts of rough and pretty much stays rough. In fact up until near the end I’d say they come to an understanding at best.


But there is nothing I love more than a brooding main man who acts like he couldn’t care less until it counts and then he’s there to be supportive and comforting. I love when he runs with her in his arms when she’s burning up and endures it the entire way. And then he finally sees her scars and understands some of what she’s gone through. Because of course when he threatens to whip her we know why she’s so mad and as a reader I’m begging her to tell him, but she doesn’t. It felt so good to finally have it out in the open and for them to begin to understand each other.

I love the mentions of “the territorial fae male bullshit” that we constantly see. It’s just always amusing the way Rowan hovers after her burnout and snarls at anyone else who comes by. Their entire training is so fun to watch develop. Of course the scene in the caverns where there ends up being a giant monster under the ice (oops). But like I said they have their tender moments too. When the massacre has just happened in endovier and he’s clearly so hurt by it.

Meanwhile, back on the mainland with everyone else, we get to meet Aedion, who we get glimpses of when Aelin is thinking about her past. And of course it doesn’t take us long to realize he’s a rebel. I love that Chaol knows everything now and is able to give him this hope that Aelin can come back and take back her kingdom. Of course it’s hilarious the way he thinks of her as this little princess who needs to be protected when we know she can take care of herself just fine.

It is sad to see Chaol and Dorian drifting apart thought because their bromance is one of the ages. Sorcha is an investing new character and their romance is cute but I don’t want to talk about it much because it is just squashed so quickly. Honestly I was seeing some parallels between Sam and Celaena and Doria and Sorcha where they have this first real romance that just gets stolen from them so early and so brutally.

BUT THE REAL STAR of this book is Manon. Holy Hell. I love that one of the first things we see of her is her being hunted and the line about her being the wrong kind of witch. At first I was thinking “why am I being shown a bunch of witches? Where is my new bae Rowan? I don’t want to read this” but holy hell who knew I could fall in love with a bunch of witches so quickly. She was just so awesome and tough and didn’t care what anybody thought, but then she picks the runt of the litter for her mount and it was so cute watching her tough love act trying to get him into shape. Of course we knew she was going to win the games but of course we had to make it dramatic. Now I’m not sure how I feel about Manon’s grandma but Abraxos what a previous puppy who needs to be protected. (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself with the photo it’s also too perfect)28d69b493e96809e90b8668391242040.jpg

All in all this book was amazing. The ending fight scene where Aelin holds the line and Rowan’s cadre all show up to help. Her finally accepting the sacrifices that happened so she could live and then her and Rowan becoming carranam. But then it’s not even over. Of course we have to go see Mauve and it’s so horrible until we realize what Aelin has up her sleeve. I love that she’s not afraid to flaunt her assassin side and threaten to kill and entire city to keep her fae prince alive and that she frees him. And of course she doesn’t want him to take the blood oath but I’m so happy she does.

What sucks is her is SJM dangling this beautiful perfect piece of man candy in front of us but for some reason there are many hints being dropped about how their romance is “not romantic” and how she’s not shy for him to see her body cause it’s not like that before and he’s been there seen that. They share a bed but not in that way. If these two aren’t the new OTP of this series then someone kill me because I can’t stand not having a man to latch onto for her yet.

Now just real quick getting back over to Ardalan where Aedion is in prison, Dorian is a slave, Sorcha is dead and Chaol is on the run things are not going well. I will be pissed if Aedion dies before he can see Aelin again. I need Dorian to not be a valg slave the entire book, thank you, and I’m not really ready for anyone in the squad to die because any of their deaths would kill me. I mean she already killed of Nehemiah who was important but not monumental yet. Then she killed Sorcha like THAT (*snaps fingers*) so I don’t want t know who’s next.

Anyways favorite book in my favorite series thus far so I can’t wait to see where this goes. Also super excited for the coloring book that will accompany the series. Leave you thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

  1. theimmortalreaders says:

    I love the ‘take a left down the cliff!’ I have the same one as my desktop background! Fabulous review by the way! I love the series… As you can probably tell if you picked two or three of my posts and read them… At least one would feature SJM in some way!


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