Book Review: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson


This is a great contemporary novel. It is about a set of twins, Jude and Noah and it told from both their point of views. What’s interesting is Noah telling us the story of when they’re 13 years old and Jude is telling us when they’re 16. Something major happens that Noah is leading up to and Jude is telling us the aftermath of so while Noah’s story starts off happier, it’s leading toward disaster and Jude is starting from disaster and leading us towards the resolution. I absolutely loved the way it was written and was immediately wrapped up in the story. I’d give this book between a 4.5-5 stars out of 5 (just because Rainbow Rowell sets the contemporary bar high for me so I’m not sure if this was exactly at 5 stars but it was super close. Like 4.9) Go Read It!!!


So I’d like to start with some predictions I had during this book since because we were seeing Jude’s story so much later before we had all the missing puzzle pieces I had a lot of guesses:

-My first prediction was the English Guy told Jude “you’re her” because he meets Noah so he knew her through him – this was wrong but I did know as soon as Noah mentioned his accent it was the same guy

-I also thought Noah gave up his spot as CSA for Jude to go because he thought she needed it more after their mother’s death but again I was very wrong

-the big one that I was positive of was that obviously their mother was Guillermo’s lover- WHOO 1 RIGHT

What was great about the writing of the book was the foreshadowing. Noah casually mentions in his section that the world would end if their mother dies and then BAM first paragraph of Jude narrating and their mother died. It was such a page turner because you need to fill in the blanks in the gaps between Noah’s story and Jude’s. Like in Noah’s story he’s so sure he’s going to CSA but we know this doesn’t happen so what happened? We know Jude as this fun loving daredevil in Noah’s sections so what happened to her?

I also love the way we meet the same characters through both their eyes. Our resident “english guy” who they don’t even realize they both know until the very very end (even though I was just waiting and waiting for her to realize he was the man from the drawing (THAT SHE GAVE HIM THE SUN FOR (TITLE DROP AND I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IT THE FIRST TIME SHE MENTIONED IT)).

I love the way we meet the same characters through both their eyes: we see “the english guy”, “the girl with the fire breathing dragon tattoo” and Guillermo. It was just great how everything tied together.

I absolutely love that at the end it’s Oscar who is the unexpected hero. I mean I was secretly hoping that he would appear but I love how he tackles Noah out of nowhere and then they have a moment of recognition together. But then hearing from him how he was there to drink and Jude saved him so he followed her was so cute.

Now the secrets: Noah is carrying around that their mother was having an affair and going to leave their father for good and the shame of what he did to Brian and Jude is carrying around the secret that she thew away Noah’s CSA application and the same of what happened on to her on the beach.

What made me so happy is that everything works out in the end. Because after reading Eleanor and Park where the ending is not as happy as you’re hoping for I needed this happy ending after so much turmoil throughout the entire story. I’m so glad they keep Guillermo in their life. I really thought that Noah some how put the photo of the sand sculpture in Jude’s portfolio, I never would’ve guessed G.

They tried to throw us a bittersweet ending with 1 thing not working out when Oscar comes to tell Jude she’s too young and I am SO GLAD that she doesn’t let that fly because I needed them to be happy together.

It was just such an amazing story because it has mystery in what does 1 twin know that the other doesn’t, young love, heartbreak, loss, grief and then solving the mystery so all can come to a happy end. I just happened to hear about his book on someones book haul and then was in a used book shop (Brattle Book Store in Boston is amazing!) and happened to see it so just picked it up and boy am I glad I did.

If you read it what did you think!

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