Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Non Spoilers:

The Partials is an exciting dystopian series that was recommended to me by a friend. To win the war humans created partials, biosynthetic humans that are stronger, faster and better than humans in every way. When the war was over they rebelled against humans and released a deadly virus that has reduced the human population to the 40,000 living on Long Island. Kira Walker is a medic and although the partials have not bothered the humans in the 12 years since the break, she’s willing to risk contact to find the cure for RM.

If you liked the 5th Wave, Hunger Games or Divergent you’ll like the Partials.

Spoilers Ahead!

So I had never heard of The Partials before and was only reading it because my friend was begging me to. And I liked it. This book was a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 for me. I really liked Kira as a main character. She was fiery in spirit and smart. I loved all the medical analysis of RM because I’m a biology major and thought a lot of that was super interesting.

The book was a tad slow in the beginning for me but as soon as she went on the scavenging mission it really picked up and just went from there with the mission to the city, and her capturing a partial.

Although the book slowed down for a little once she was studying Samm I loved the scenes of them in the lab together.

The whole idea of the partials was really interesting and hearing about how the two species see each other as enemies and are racists towards each other was interesting. I liked how the humans perceive the partials as cold simply because the partials have a different way of communicating emotion with each other. And while we build up the partials as the “bad guys”  the entire beginning of the book we see that the human Senate is willing to kill people and do shady things just to keep things in order and controlled.

As for some of the other characters we have Marcus, Kira’s boyfriend. Now of course as soon as we meet Samm we know he’s going to be the partial love interest. Marcus was not my favorite at the beginning but one thing he did have going for him was humor. Jayden was another favorite. I love that protective, group leader character in almost every book and he was that for me. I especially loved the scene where he and Samm have the same idea and seem shocked to agree. And then of course when Kira asks him to leave her and his only snarky remark is that she clearly doesn’t know him very well. Now imagine my devastation when out of all the important characters who go on this crazy mission he’s the one who dies in the end. I never liked Haru. From beginning to end he was always rubbing me the wrong way and even when Kira saved his daughter he didn’t seem to lighten up at all.

Now for the realization that Kira was a partial. I thought she was going to be half partial since she could remember her dad but not her mom and that the way to save babies would have them be half human hybrids. But I wasn’t quite right. However when they were on the mission and she was hearing things the others weren’t it was becoming obvious to me that she was at least part partial. Then it seemed strange that she would get a blood sample from Marcus to analyze and not just take one from herself, but that would’ve given away the plot.

Overall I thought the book was exciting and a great concept. It got you thinking especially with thing like the Hope Act and what it would be like if the population got that small and people felt we needed something like that but you were a 16 year old girl. One thing I didn’t appreciate was how often the author put expendable characters into the group just so people could die. Almost every extra person they picked up in their group at one point or another ended up dead almost immediately. But I liked it and I’m excited to see what happens in the next book.

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