The Road to Vet School: List of Schools

So I am applying to vet school this cycle and let me just say it is every bit as stressful as you’d imagine. With only 3o in the country the acceptance rate is extremely low so even just picking out which you’re going to apply to is stressful. So in this post I’m putting down my list of schools.

Now originally as a little freshman I thought about vet school based on location. Colorado sounds right nice? Michigan? Count me in. But no. The absolute most important criteria for picking your schools is the ratio of Resident vs Non Residents they take. For example, North Carolina takes 80% in state residents. So they have 20 seats for out of state people, not a great ratio. Meanwhile, Missouri, somewhere I could never imagine myself living since I hate warm weather, takes 50% out of state residents, which is about 60 seats.

Then there’s international schools to consider. For me the Caribbean schools were out of the question (see previous statement: I hate warm weather). But Ireland has a vet school, and Scotland has 2, both places I would love to visit and could honestly see myself living for 4 years. Now sometime international schools get a bad rep of being “safety schools” but lets be honest; vet school is vet school is vet school. Once we’re done everyone takes the same board exams and if you pass you practice. For me personally my 2 international schools are actually some of my top choices because I have the travel bug after studying abroad for 5 weeks in New Zealand. All I want to do now is get out of the country for a little while so what other period of my life would I have to do that?

But for me it’s all about Tufts. As you can probably guess by the blog title, I am in fact a Massachusetts resident. Fortunately for me that comes with Tufts Vet School. Unfortunately for me Tufts is not like North Carolina. Tufts takes 30% in state residents and does not offer a good discount to be instate. But seats are seats and I’ll take anything to boost my chances. So now I have my list. 11 schools, which may sound like a lot but I’d really rather pay the extra to apply to more than have to apply again (which may happen anyway).

So without further delay I will be applying to:

Tufts, Cornell, Penn, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Lincoln Memorial, Edinburg and Dublin

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