A Week on the Cape

I love the idea of the beach. Water, sand, sun. It’s just the beach doesn’t love me back. This summer on a family trip to Chatham I found myself with my usual horribly blotchy sunburns (thank you sun for always showing me exactly where I didn’t sunblock myself at least every hour). But on top of that this year my brother, sister and I went for a walk down the beach. They were both find but my feet were bothering me the whole time. We get back and I look at my feet and oh look at that 3 big giant burn blisters on my 2 big toes and 1 other, all popped with nice festering sandy cuts. Awesome. Thank you hot sand for reminding me why summer hates me.

The great bonus to this trip was this was our first family vacation where I was 21 so I finally go to order drinks at dinner and go out for drinks with my brother which was fun. My family spent plenty of time in the Squire which may be my father’s favorite bar ever.

The house we stayed in was adorable, which is really what I love about vacationing and why I aspire to have a vacation home one day. It’s just so peaceful to sit on the deck and sip your coffee with the ocean just peaking out over a hill.

And of course how can I not mention that I love the beach because I can read a million books. I brought a huge stack of books and a preloaded kindle because I love to sit on the beach and read all day then crawl into bed and read literally all night.

So all in all it was a very relaxing week (expect for what happened with my feet) so I thought I’d throw up a nice little collage of some vacation photos.

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