Brattle Book Shop Boston

Have you ever shopped for used book in an outdoor book market? That’s the only way I can think to describe the outdoor section of this amazing used bookstore in Boston. Tucked away near the Boston Commons it is an amazing and adorable bookshop. With 3 floors inside (including a rare books collection) plus an amazing outdoor space where books range from $1-$5 it was truly an amazing trip into the city just to go visit this bookshop (and then a second time because I couldn’t stay away.

I told you adorable. They cover up the books outside during closing with panels painted with books or spines of famous books which makes it all the more beautiful once it’s closed. And in the alley way is art of famous authors. It truly is a diamond hidden in the rough and anyone in Boston who loves books should pop in if they can because you’ll never know what you may find there.

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