Book Review: Ruins (The Partials #3) by Dan Wells

Non Spoilery:

So this is the final book in the Partials Sequence so you should really go read the rest before continuing.

Spoilers Ahead:

So we pick up the story right where we left off. Kira is off with Dr. Morgan being her human test subject, Samm is still in Denver, where he has volunteered to be the humans source of the cure and the people of East Meadow are still under a partial occupation.

Right off the bat one thing I didn’t like was how nonchalant Kira was about being the test subject. They mentioned all the biopsies, spinal taps, and procedures so casually and then when she decides to leave she’s off and running after having her body tampered with so much? I know she’s a partial but still it should’ve at least hurt.

Now I’ll just start out and say that what bothered me with this book was that instead of finishing all the stories we had been telling for the last two books, this one started a bunch of new ones. There are so many new plot lines that come into this book so instead of getting a satisfying ending we are left with a really rushed ending and we do not get a lot of our questions answered.

For example after Kira leaves Dr. Morgan we have to follow her up to the IV territory. But then of course she gets captured (new, very long, plot twist). She meets Green (who I actually did love) and we have to see their long escape battle, then they have to trek back towards Long Island, they run into the monster thing telling people about winter etc. etc.

Meanwhile back in Samm land, he’s woken up the partials and is donating pheromone. I actually enjoyed his section in Denver the most. I loved the way he demonstrated the humans in Denver meant the partials no harm by showing Calix would be more than happy to get them some candy. And then the big revelation that living with Partials would save human babies was a nice answer we’d been waiting for. But of course we’re also just waiting for Samm to meet up with Kira again.

WHICH IS THE REAL PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THIS BOOK! I should not have to wait 80% of the book for it’s OTP to get back together again.

So anyways, Kira is running around doing things that aren’t exactly moving the plot forward, and Samm is doing the journey that took the entire second book in a few undetailed chapters.

Meanwhile we have crazy lady Delarosa with a nuke, the bloodman stealing everybody’s insides and the weird plot of Nandita trying to lead everyone to this secret lab which is an absolute failure. I don’t really understand why this was in the book because they never get to the lab, and there’s never any clarification at the end on if they solve this new partial virus, or why Isolde’s baby came out that way, and all we see of them in the end is them sailing down the river.

Marcus on the other hand has a much more exciting story. One of the best scenes, hands down, was when his little group is being held by the White Rhinos and they’re trying to get the guard riled up so they can knock him out. But of course he’s supposed to hit Vinci and Marcus and his big mouth once again gets him into trouble and ends up being the one to get knocked out with the rifle. Another shining moment he had was when Samm showed up and Marcus told Kira if she didn’t kiss him he would. And then of course later one of my favorite quotes when Marcus tells Kira “Maybe you’ll die and I’ll end up with Samm”.

I was really sad to see Vinci die. I was so relived when they caught Delorosa only to have that dramatic moment where they both choose the human race over their own lives and the partials.

What I didn’t like was how bogged down the story got with all the different story lines. It just made the book drag until the end. And then with the peace talks being interrupted by the blood man. I do love the Heron finally found something she was willing to put before her own survival. That was very noble.

But then in the end when Sam and Kira sort of devote themselves to each other right in front of poor Marcus. I felt so bad for him, but I did love how Calix was sort of right there for him.

I guess in the end I just wanted more, even an epilogue. I would’ve liked to see if partials were still sterile after living with humans. I would’ve liked to see the new community they set up, or just Samm and Kira being happy since they’re hardly together the entire book. I would have liked to see this book get to the conclusion it did faster. There was too much running around in these subplots that the entire “battle” and the end felt so rushed.

All in all I still thought it was a good book, and an ok ending to a good series. I give it 3 stars.

Thanks for Reading


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