This or That Book Tag

Altering seeing this on harleereads I decided this looked like another fun book tag so here is the This or That Book Tag!

Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Couch. Although I probably read more in my bed I prefer a couch if I can find one that’s unoccupied. I like to put my head on the armrest.

Main male or female character?

I like both, but I think I’ve just read a lot more female main character and since I’m a female I do prefer that. It’s just easier to relate to the character right of the bat.

Sweet or Salty snacks when reading?

Any snack. I love all snacks, I do not discriminate. However I do find snacking while reading to be a bit of a challenge because you have to use 1 hand to eat and turn the page and then the pages get all gross.

Trilogies or Quartets?

Always more books. If it’s a story I love the more the merrier because I never want a beloved series to end.

First Person POV or Third Person?

I don’t have a huge preference but I do love first person, especially if the character is funny because a lot of times a characters private thoughts are some of the best lines.

Reading at Night or in the Morning?

NIGHT.  I will stay up until 4am finishing a book but if I could never get up early to read. It would kill me.

Libraries or Bookstores?

Bookstores. The number of hours (and dollars) I spent in Barnes and Nobles just staring at the shelves is appalling.

Books that make you Laugh or Cry?

LAUGH. I need a good comic relief character and some witty dialogue. My favorite scenes are ones that literally make me laugh out loud where you have to close the book for a second to appreciate how funny it is.

Black or White Book Covers?

NEITHER! Give me all the colors of the rainbow. As someone striving to do a rainbow bookshelf I’m very invested in the color of the books I’m buying right now.

Character Driven or Plot Driven Stores?

*sigh* I feel like a good book needs both (obviously) but I guess I could finish a book with an ok/lacking plot if I really loved the characters, but don’t think I would enjoy book with a good plot but ok/lacking characters. For me to love a book, I need to get very invested in the characters or else it’s just ok no matter how good the story is.

So that’s it. I tag anyone who wants to do this.

Thanks for Reading!





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