The Greatest Nessian Fic of all Times

So since reading ACOMAF I have spiraled into a constant state of longing for the next book (see The Greatest Book Hangover Ever or perhaps When Fan Art is Life Changing). So it should come as no surprise that quality ACOMAF fanfic has been the lifeblood that keeps me going until ACOTAR 3 comes out. Now some are great, and some are eh but I feel the need to give special mention to this story for a few reasons.

Reason #1: Nessian is life. I love Cassian. The strong, funny comic relief male who will also do anything to protect those he loves is my kryptonite. I am always incredibly drawn to that character so it should be no surprise that while all the new characters introduced in ACOMAF were amazing (inner circle squad goals) Cassian is by far and above my favorite. Then of course we have Nesta. She is a little more controversial because we see in the first book how she does nothing while the family is suffering. But then in that first book (spoilers ahead) we see she’s the only one who goes after Feyre and then in this book she is fiercely protective of Elaine. I love her. Her spitfire nature and comment. The way she teases Cassian. Her no nonsense attitude. So they are my ultimate OTP now.

Reason #2: This fic was written for me. I asked my friend starswholisten to write this for me. I think she understands the characters enough to portray them correctly. So she wrote this specifically for me and I love her for it because this made me cry like a child. I do not cry easily with book. I did not cry once during ACOMAF but this made me tear up.

Reason #3: I need this to happen. I don’t mean this exact scene (though I’d imagine it’s how it would probably go down) but I want the spinoff Sarah mentioned releasing to be Nessian. A) it would mean they survive ACOTAR 3 (a thought of who isn’t going to make it plagues me constantly) and B) I need to see more of my precious children.

Reason #4: The title is a Mumford and Sons song, particularly one of my Favorite Mumford and Sons songs. Now like I said I know the author and she knows my deep love for Mumford so it’s just one more reason I love this fic.

So go read Roll Your Stone Away by starswholisten on AO3. It’s beautiful and its Nessian.

But just be prepared for what’s going to happen to you after you read it…


…because Nessian ❤

Thanks for reading


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