Book Review: The Bricks that Build the Houses by Kate Tempest

26073155Title: The Bricks that Built the Houses

Author: Kate Tempest

Type: Stand alone

Pages: 399

Overall Rating: 2.5



This story follows the lives of several London inhabitants whose lives steadily intersect throughout the story. It follows growing relationships, how their pasts shaped them and how they’re all just looking to move up in the world.

I’m not really sure how to describe this book but if you ever read Let the Great World Spin by it reminded me of that, the way we switch through perspectives and everyones stories seem to intersect.

Spoilers Ahead:

So this is a book I picked up by complete chance. I found it in a used bookshop for only $3. The cover was fun and hot pink and I thought it sounded exciting from the inside flap.

So reading that you’d think that this book is going to have some sort of intense robbery scene and then we’re going to see what these 3 are going to do with all this money and see what new lives they build for themselves, while out running the problems that led them to steal the money and flee.

False. This book ended up being  long narrative about many characters, but Becky, Harry, Leon and Pete in particular. We follow them through life and get all of their backstories and they all have some sort of sad past.

And while it was an interesting book it just didn’t give me any of what I was expecting. Even though the inside flap tells us about them fleeing with this money, that doesn’t happen until the very end. And even after that we never really get to see what happens with it. Eventually they all come back and we just sort of never find out what happens to them.

Becky’s all about dance and we watch her strive to make something of herself, but we never find out what happens with the piece she was working on or any of that. Harry is coming back and she’s refusing to get back in the game, but we never find out what happens to her, or if her and Becky ever get back together.

This book just sort of dragged me through, and while I enjoyed all the ways these characters lives intersected it got old and hearing everyone’s backstories got old and then most of the characters in this book were just so miserable with their lives, especially Pete. It was just sort of a downer to read, and while I’m proud of myself for finishing it, it didn’t end up being super enjoyable to read.

I just don’t think it was what I was expecting to get from it at all which is what I really didn’t like about it. Also this book made me realize that London slang is very odd and I don’t know any of it because there were so many instances where I had no idea what they were talking about .

Thanks for Reading


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