Weekly Playlist

Ok so I’m very excited to share some new songs because this week I discovered a new favorite band. I was on YouTube and it suggested this music video and the only reason I clicked on it was because Maisie Williams from GoT was in it. It was called Oceans by Seafret and I ended up listening to the entire album and now have 14 of their songs on my iTunes that I’ve been listening to on repeat. So my new playing is strictly Seafret and includes:

  • Oceans


  • Wildfire
  • Breathe
  • Over
  • Overtime
  • Skimming stones
  • Be there
  • Atlantis
  • Sinking ships
  • Give me something
  • Tell me it’s real
  • Missing
  • To the sea
  • There’s a light

Of those Wildfire, Breathe, Missing, Oceans, Skimming Stones and Sinking  Ships are my favorites. If you love Throne of Glass (book 4 spoiler) then believe me you cannot listen to Wildfire without thinking of Rowaelin.

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