I Have a Pig!

So this is exactly what it says in the title: I have a pig! Now it’s not a pet pig. This pig is for class, as I am currently completing the Senior Capstone Class for my Pre-Veterinary and Animal Bioscience major which means taking an animal production class so I’m in swine production.

That means that me and 25 class mates has 8 pigs, and in groups of 4 we are responsible for her, and all the babies that are due at the end of this month. Now it’s super exciting to learn about the Swine industry and caring for pigs and I’m super excited for all the piglets I’m going to be in charge of at the end of the month.

Right now me and my 3 other group mates are responsible for checking on her twice a day, feeding her, cleaning her cage, making sure she looks healthy, taking her temperature, giving her toys and just learning what her normal behavior looks like. If she gets any cuts or bumps, we treat them and at the end of the month we’ll help her deliver somewhere between 10 and 20 piglets and take care of them for the rest of the semester!

Now this is about animal production and agriculture so at the end of the semester these animals do get sold at auction like any other livestock and if you think that sounds inhumane then just remember if you like bacon (I mean I’m a vegetarian but people eat meat and thats fine) it has to come from somewhere and we are ensuring the upmost care of our girls before they leave us to rejoin the big swine industry.

I hope this experience will teach me a new respect for farmers because we only have 8 animals and so far it’s already been an incredible amount of individualized attention for these pigs and I know that farmers with thousands of animals give their sows the same care and attention.

But this is Dorothy, my big mama and I’m super excited to work with her the rest of the semester and bring her babies into the world!


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