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Thank you M @ MReadsBooks for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.


  • Show the award on your blog and thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
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7 Facts About Me

1. I’m from Massachusetts but I go to college in Delaware |

I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here in the state of Delaware but for the past 3 years I have been down here in the mid atlantic region of the country instead of up in my true home in New England. But despite how much I sometimes miss my home, I do love it here at this University plus I met some of my best friends here.

2. I just finished applying to veterinary school |

Being a vet has been my life long dream and this month I finally applied to vet schools all around the US, plus one in Scotland and one in Ireland. It was a difficult process and no where near over yet since I won’t know if I got in any time soon but it was still very exciting.

3. I studied abroad in New Zealand for a 5 weeks last winter |

And it was amazing. I actually started this blog while I was there because I was having so many experiences and I wanted to share some of the amazing things  I was doing and seeing while I was there. Some of the awesome things I did included bungy jumping, sky diving, white water rafting and taking a Lord of the Rings trail ride.

4. I am very passionate about adopting dogs and rescuing dogs |

This is a big one for me. I love my 2 dogs, Jonesy and McGuire, who are both mutts and both rescues. I am a very big proponent of ALWAYS rescuing a dog over buying from a breeder and a big proponent of getting mixed breeds since most purebreds are so over bred that they are genetically unsound and have all sorts of health complications. But more than that there are millions of dogs that need homes or they’ll be put down so there’s no need to be paying someone to breed new dogs when there are already so many. Currently my life plan involves having 5 dogs. img_2624

5. I saw the Winter Olympics in 2006 in Torino Italy

I was only 10 years old but my dad is always coming up with these slightly crazy ideas that end up being amazing. So he started planning this years before the olympics and we ended up going to Italy for 2 weeks. We skied in the alps since my family loves to ski before heading to the olympics to watch the Women’s  Bronze Medal Hockey Game, which the US happened to be in and won, and the Nordic Combine. It was so amazing and I don’t even think my ten year old self was appreciating what I was a part of for half of what it was worth. We even went to venice on the way out which was so amazing. (That’s me in the red hat)355_1051536409953_5734_n_2.jpg

6. The greatest class I’ve taken in college is Scottish Country Dance |

Yes you heard right. Scottish Country Dance. It is so much fun and such a great stress reliever at the end of a long week of classes. Me and one of my best friends (Emily @ EmiesNook) do it together and you can catch us at the Argyle Ball in Washington DC this fall dancing the night away (and hopefully meeting my Jamie Fraser too 😉 )


7. I hate warm weather

I know so many people always say “Fall is my favorite season” but if you ask them what their second favorite is it’s going to be spring or summer. Well not me. Bring on winter. Bring on the snow and ice and freezing temperatures because I hate the sun and the sun hates me. I cannot go outside in the summer without getting a sunburn and I hate wearing shorts. I like long pants and sweaters and boots which is why being further south than New England has been a bit of a struggle for me, as its a little warmer for a little longer. All I can say is I had a blast during the 2015 Blizzard in Massachusetts with our 9ft of snow. Below you’ll see my dad strolling up the snow onto our roof.

Who do I nominate |

Jess @ StarsWhoListen

Emily @ EmiesNook


Andie @ BooksCoffeeAndPassion

Becca @ RebeccaReads

Rachel @ LifeOfAFemaleBibliophile

Ann @ AnnTheBookMaster

Sam @ OneBookishGirl

Sophie @ BookWishBlog


Megan @ BookSlayerReads

Alice @ AliceMarieRose

Imo @ MuggleBooks

Lindsey @ APieceofParadis

Poetry @ ABookWyrmsLair 


Thanks for Reading!




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