Pig Updates

So last week I put up the post “I Have a Pig” to discuss my swine production class a bit. And so far it’s been going great. While my pig has yet to farrow, two other pigs out the eight our class is caring for have given birth. One to 19 piglets and the other to 15! And let me just say if you have never seen a one day old baby pig they are so adorable and small.

It was so awesome getting to be there for the birth. It really is amazing to watch animals give birth and seeing all the little piglets at the end is amazing. We made it through both with no major complications, though there was 1 still birth and we did lose a few of the really tiny piglets because they were just too small to survive, but pigs with such large litters are bound to lose a few.

I am so excited for my own pig to farrow in the coming week. Her due date is the 28th but the other 2 were early so who knows when the babies will come!

Now if you’re wondering about the crate she’s in it’s called a farrowing crate and it’s designed in a way that saves baby pigs lives. It ensures the piglets have a space she can’t get to since mother pigs are notorious for sitting on their babies by accident. This help prevent that and they are only in this crate for about 4 weeks.

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