All Dogs Matter: #BoycottMontreal


Yesterday Montreal passed legislation that outlaws Pitbulls. Current owners will not be able to take their dogs out in public without muzzling them and they must be sterilized, while many healthy pitbulls in shelters face the reality of being put down simply because of their breed. No new pitbulls will be allowed into the city and worst of all the law is extremely vague, putting all “large headed dogs” at risk. Even my sweet baby boy McGuire, who is afraid of everything and the biggest sweetheart could be considered “large headed”. Would I have to muzzle him to walk, when he’s afraid of water, thunder, cats, paper bags and wouldn’t hurt a fly?


That could be considered a “large head”


Doesn’t McGuire look dangerous?









This is extremely upsetting news. Dog breeding practices and laws is something very important to me and probably the only “social activism” I ever participate in is regarding dogs. Breed Specific Legislation is horrible. (If you don’t read any more of this please sign the petition linked at the bottom to change this)

Pitbulls are not “bad dogs” or even “dangerous dogs”. If we can throw around the expression “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” (which I don’t entirely agree with) then we can absolutely say that “Pitbulls aren’t fighting dogs, PEOPLE make Pitbulls fighting dogs”.  This is my cousins dog Tucker. He lives with a 3 year old and 8 month old baby and is the sweetest dog on this planet. He’s extremely timid, but is content to just let the kids hang all over him and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But apparently he’s not welcome in Montreal.


Tucker ❤

In many studies in animal behavior it has been found that the most aggressive dog breeds are Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Jack Russel Terriers. I especially love the article by Tom Junod called The State of the American Dog because it emphasizes that although the Pitbull is the most ubiquitous dog breed in America, we fear them and discriminate against them for euthanasia. One of my favorite quotes from the article is:

 “When a cocker spaniel bites, it does so as a member of its species; it is never anything but a dog. When a pit bull bites, it does so as a member of its breed. A pit bull is never anything but a pit bull.” (Junod, 2014).

And it’s true. I have worked in a vets office for a few years now and we have to muzzle plenty of dogs because they get aggressive when we’re poking them with needles and doing their nails but it’s not just pitbulls. In fact, most of the time, the ones we worry about are small breeds, who have been proven to have a higher bite frequency. And the fact is even “gentle breeds” can bite. The worst bite I’ve ever seen at work was by a Golden Retriever, the “ultimate family dog”!

That is because it’s not the breed that makes dogs dangerous, it’s the people who raise them. Any dog can be brought up in an environment that makes it aggressive, and any dog can be brought up by good owners who treat their dogs well. And yes I know there are dogs who don’t like other dogs, but good owners know what kinds of environments their dog is comfortable in.

So with that I am extremely disappointed in Montreal for this horrible piece of legislation. It is racism in the dog world to discriminate against this breed, and any dog that resembles it. If you want less dog fighting or bites, then enact stricter legislation on the people who breed dogs for fighting, or abuse their animals because HUMANS are the problem and this isn’t going to solve anything.


In an article posted on the IHeartDogs website, a company that feeds dogs with every purchase I was relieved to at least hear that people within the city are outraged. The Montreal SPCA has canceled its contract with the city and veterinarians are refusing to euthanize any of these innocent dogs because it would be morally and ethically wrong. (YAY Vets!).

Sign the Petition to get this ruling overturned!

Click HERE to sign!!!


Thanks for Reading my Rant



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