Things I Love About Fall

Fall is finally in the air!!!


Nope not that kind of fall!


Yes that kind of fall! With the leaves and cool air and when the color orange suddenly becomes super popular.

I don’t know about you but I was dying with this “first week of fall heat wave” we were having on the east coast and I am so glad the air finally has that cool crisp feeling to it. I love fall because fall means it’s almost winter and I love winter. But I do love more about fall than just the proximity to winter so these are some of the reasons I’m excited for fall:

1. The leaves change colors – Now they don’t do it as much down here in Delaware but up in Massachusetts we get the “leaf peepers” who come through New England every fall just to see the beautiful array of colors we get with out trees. And nothing makes me happier than taking hikes into the woods with my dogs just to look at all the changing colors. In fact I was shocked to learn that the leaves don’t do that everywhere when family friends from Southern California came out to visit and their teenage daughters were dumbfounded by the change in color and picking up all the leaves because they had never seen it! (And yes that is me running across a panoramic photo like a weirdo below. I was having fun)



2. Apple Picking – I know. I sound so basic. But apples are one of my favorite foods. Whenever my friend and I go apple picking they are always astounded by the number I consume while we’re picking them, but I just LOVE apples. They’re so delicious and I will eat the entire thing, core and all.



3. PIE! – Now apples brings me right into my next favorite about fall which is pie. Much like Dean Winchester, I love pie. Blueberry is my favorite but Apple Pie is a close second. There is no dessert better than a hot piece of pie with a nice scoop of ice cream on it on a chilly fall night.


4. The Weather – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times: I hate warm weather. Hate it. Yes I can enjoy a day on the beach but it’s actually very stressful for me because if I don’t reapply sunblock every hour on the hour and get everywhere I will burn. I also hate wearing shorts and hate sweating when I go outside. This is why I prefer the cold seasons. Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year. The colder it gets, the more time I spend outside. Bring on the pants, sweaters, boots and snow (Yes I know the snow is a bit of a ways off but I’m ready). Nothing makes me happier than being chilly at night so I can cuddle up under lots of blankets and warm up with a nice steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning (Please enjoy my basic photos frolicking through my beautiful campus, and no I’m not sure what I was going for with that middle photo…)


5. Scarves – So I already mentioned clothing in the weather but in particular I love scarves. I have a million of them, and they are the sole thing I can knit but I love them and will never stop buying more. Something about having a blanket around your neck during the day is just so comforting and you will not see a single photo of me out and about in the fall/winter without a scarf around my neck. (And since I don’t want to bore you with 100 photos of me in scarves here is my dog wearing one of my favorite scarves. She’s so stylish).


Jonesy ❤

6. The Scents – No season has better scents than fall. Winter are good but fall’s are great. Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Spiced Anything, Vermont Honey Apple, Cider? I could go on but I’m sure if you’ve ever walked into a Bath and Body works between September 1st and October 31st you know what I’m talking about.

So tell me, what are you most excited for about Fall? Or are you holding out for another season? Comment below!

Thanks for Reading!

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