Weekly Playlist 

So I know this is a day late but what a crazy weekend it was. So this weekend one of my best friends, Jess @ StarsWhoListen came down to visit me at school. And we have a few songs that were always playing on the radio last year that we SCREAM when they’re on. So seeing as she was here, naturally we had to listen to these songs over and over again whenever we were in the car and they are this weeks playlist:

Cake By The Ocean by DNCE 

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

Stitches by Shawn Mendes 

I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons 

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

Drops of Jupiter by Train 

We literally scream these songs at the top of our lungs while we drive and it usually ends up on someone’s snapchat. 

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Mini Vacation: Annapolis, MD

So a couple of weekends ago it was parents weekend at my school. Now it’s a bit of a haul from Massachusetts to Delaware but seeing as my little sister is in school in Pennsylvania, my parents and my older brother made the trip. My parents picked me up Friday and we decided instead of just hanging out on campus for the weekend we’d drive to Annapolis Maryland, somewhere we’d never been.

Annapolis is adorable. It reminded me of a tiny Boston, with the old brick buildings, and cobblestone streets. We stayed in this really adorable historic inn right on State Circle, which features the Maryland Statehouse right in the center of the rotary. (which had this cool room with a glass floor so you could see the original foundation beneath!)

If you duck down one of the side alleys you pop out on a bustling and busy little main street that leads right down to the water. There were actually a lot of people in Annapolis this weekend because it was a big boat show. There were tons a cute restaurants and pubs, plus lots of cute little shops. There were also a lot of bars and now that I’m 21 I could finally partake in all the fun with my family.

Now if you don’t know Annapolis’s big claim to fame, besides being the capital of Maryland (bet you thought it was Baltimore) is that it’s the location of the US Naval Academy. Saturday my family and I went to the campus (even though Hurricane Matthew was dumping rain on us). They have a Navy Museum there and you can walk around and look at the buildings and go in the visitors center. We also stopped at the Maryland WWII monument on our way out of town.

Sunday we walked around, ate and shopped. I had a lot of delicious food this weekend. We also went into this adorable dog shop next to our hotel called Paws and I got this cute little sign (for my bookshelf of course)

On our drive back to Delaware, we drove up the Maryland Delaware Boarder and ended up in this tiny little town called Chesapeake City. It’s on the canal between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River and there’s a huge bridge that the town is sort of in the shadow of. There’s a cute Inn there where we ate and we were wondering why the bridge was so large in such a small place, but lucky for us we got a demonstration for why. (if you didn’t notice that white thing under the bridge is a massive boat going through).

All in all it was a great weekend. Annapolis is adorable and it was god to see my family since I haven’t seen them since the end of August. Plus it was extra special that my brother was able to come, since he’s working now.


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Updated Bookshelf

So I posted my Rainbow Bookshelf when I first got it set up but it has grown quite a bit since then. So here’s a little update.


It now fills 3.5 shelves and has added quite a few trinkets. I’ve also added a few new protectors to my shelves. I’ve had Wee Jamie up at the top for a while but now I have added  Sam and Dean from Supernatural (although Sam had an accident today and broke an arm). On top I also have a little paper Thor and beside my bookshelf I have the beautiful, majestic, full sized Legolas cutout. I did not buy him. He was a gift to one of my housemates but she ended up letting him stay in my room and I love him. He stands watch by the door.

Up hanging out with Thor on the top of my bookshelf and next to Sam I have little odes to my love of dogs and my belief in reducing dogs in need. My mom bought me the two wooden signs on the top of my shelf for my birthday and I love them, and then I got the “I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs” sign at a little dog boutique in Annapolis. I’m a firm believer that All Dogs Matter so I love my signs and plan to make my future house full of these kinds of dog themes.


So this was my updated bookshelf. I’m always playing with it, rearranging things, changing the photos or switching books around so the rainbow flows better. It gives me such satisfaction and I can’t wait to keep adding to it!!!

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Weekly Playlist

Another Sunday, another weekly playlist. This week it’s been more of the same. For artists it’s been a lot of:



-First Aid Kit


-Mumford and Sons

So the usual. The for individual songs I’ve still been listening to my favorite performances from the voice as well as a few other standalone songs including:

-Hello from the battles (The Voice)

Feeling Good from the blind auditions by We McDonald (The Voice)

-Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

-Home from Home by The Roo Panes

-24K Gold by Bruno Mars

Just a quick note on the Bruno Mars song. There is one reason and one reason only I like it so much. There’s a certain video circulating around the internet and if you have not seen it yet stay tuned.


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Dog Breed Book Tag

Ok so I have been sitting on this idea for a little while now and I think I’ve finally come up with enough categories to post this tag. So this is the Dog Breed Book Tag! If you haven’t noticed I love dogs and I love books so what better way to combine these things?

The Rules:

-Tag the creator: Maggie @ MassachusettsNovel so I can see all your amazing answers

-Tag at least 3 people when you’re done

-Use photos! Who doesn’t want to see cute photos of dogs to brighten their day?

-Add a new dog category if you can think of one!

-Have Fun!

Ok so let’s get on with the tag and the dogs!

Golden Retriever, The Family Dog: What book character would you bring home to meet your family | Levi

Levi from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. Ugh what I would give to find a Levi of my own. A boy who would enjoy listening to me read a loud to him and would enjoy my immense neediness. A boy who would bring me coffee and be literally the sweetest person on the face of this planet. I would bring Levi home with me in a heartbeat and honestly the more I think about it the more the actual character reminds me of a big lovable Golden Retriever.


Pitbull, The Misunderstood: Name a character you misjudged at first meeting | Rhysand

Is anyone surprised that this is my answer? No? Didn’t think so. Rhys. My precious baby bat who must be protected. Now I did not hate him when we first met, but I was a little wary just because I was not looking forward to the back and forth love triangle I was expecting in ACOMAF. But boy was I surprised at the route it took and Rhys quickly became one of the greatest characters of all times, and like a pitbull looked tough on the outside but was actually a precious baby who needed some love and snuggles.


Dalmatian: A book cover that is aesthetically pleasing to you | Clockwork Princess

There are so many beautiful books so it was hard to choose but one of my all-time favorite book cover is Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. All her book cover are beautiful (the originals not the new ones) but this one is hands down the best. Tessa looks stunning and that dress *fanning myself*.


Lab, The Lovable: A book you think almost anyone can love | Eleanor and Park

This book is so sweet and adorable and addresses some sensitive issues but I honestly believe it is a book that most people could get something out of. It’s a great coming of age story, love story and catalogs some of the hardships that affect a lot of people the tae don’t always see in literature. Plus the characters are just so lovable.


Mutt: A book with a little bit of everything in it | I’ll Give You the Sun

I don’t know why I feel like this has a little bit of everything for everyone in it. It’s a contemporary following a twin brother and sister. It has loss, secrets, first love and love lost. I feel like it covers a wide variety of topics that come up in your peoples lives and incorporates a lot of important themes.


Dachshund: A long book that’s worth the read | The Book Thief

In an effort to avoid sounding like a broken record I have not chosen my gut instinct of ACOMAF. Instead I’ve picked The Book Thief. I loved this book and actually did not realize how big a book it is until I recently bought the anniversary edition. But I loved this book. I had to read it for school but it was so moving and sad but beautiful.


Samoyed: A book you love that is full of fluff | Anna and the French Kiss Series

These books are super fluffy. They are your classic “Boy Meets Girl” romances but they are so adorable and I love the way they all tie together even thought they follow different characters every time. They’re also super fun because they all take place in different places but if you’re looking for a fluffy feel good romance these are perfect.


Border Collie: A book that is a high energy read | Six of Crows Series

I love Six of Crows and by extension Crooked Kingdom. I love heist shows and books so this was perfect. If you’ve ever seen Leverage, it’s about a group of criminals who do these crazy heists to help people. Six of Crows reminded me of that a lot and so I loved it. The entire time there is so much going on, that you don’t even notice until Kaz reveals it usually, and it’s just such a fun, action packed read.


Chines Crested: A book that looks great naked | Three Dark Crowns/Insurgent

Ok so I have a tie for this one. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake is gorgeous naked. I love the tiny little gold symbols on the cover, the deep maroon color and the black spine. But I recently learned the Insurgent is gorgeous naked. It’s cover is kinda a light sickly green BUT NAKED it is a deep dark BEAUTIFUL forest green with the gold tree insignia on the cover and I LOVE IT. So it’s a tie for this one.


Your favorite literary pooch | Fleetfoot

Of course it’s Fleetfoot from the Throne of Glass series. I have a stuffed dog named Fleetfoot but honestly I have some serious reasons for loving her. First of all she is a mutt and she was originally going to be killed because she was shy but she got a second change and became an amazing companion. Second chances for dogs, especially mutts is important for me which is why I love Fleetfoot so much.

Your Favorite Dog(s) | Jonesy and McGuire 


Jonesy: 12 year old female border collie-golden retriever mix (brown)                                                 McGuire: 8 year old male pointer mix (black and white)

Who do you tag |

Emily @ Emiesnook

Jess @ Starswholsiten

Megan @ Bookslayerreads

Hannah @ Hannahreads2001

Ashley @ Insidemyminds

Carrie @ Carriesbookreviews

Birdie @ Birdiebookwormblog

M @ Mreadsbooks 

Aly @ Bookhuntressworld

Anyone who wants to do this tag!

What’s your favorite dog breed? Do you think there’s a dog category that should’ve been on this list? What for? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 5 Literary Mothers

So today is my Mom’s birthday, so in honor of that today I’m listing my top 5 literary mothers! Now in YA I feel like the mothers are often background characters we don’t see much of so this was not an easy list to come up with.

19063-2Rosa Hubermann | The Book Thief 

Now Rosa is not Liesel’s real mother. She’s her foster mother and at first she doesn’t seem to care for Liesel all that much and appears very strict. But I have a distinct memory of sobbing over the book at 1 in the morning. It was reading the scene where Liesel admits that she spent some of Rosa’s money to send a letter to her real mother and she realizes her mother will never write back and she would never see her again. And then Rosa apologizes and Liesel says “she leaked a little” meaning Rosa is crying and that scene broke me.


15745753Mindy Sheridan | Eleanor and Park 

I love Park’s mom in Eleanor and Park. She is so welcoming to Eleanor and even though it seems she may not like her at first, when she realizes that Eleanor comes from a big family and has a lot of responsibility she really comes to understand her and is so sweet in trying to make Eleanor always feel welcome.


harry_potter_and_the_goblet_of_fire_us_coverMolly Weasley | Harry Potter 

Now disclaimer: I have not read all the Harry Potter books. BUT I have read 1-4 and the beginning of 5 and Mrs. Weasley is one of my favorite characters. In the movies she’s not shown as much but one of my favorite scenes thus far in the books is at the end of the fourth book when she is there to comfort Harry when he needs a mother most. She is so sweet to him and even though she has so many of her own children to look after, she is nothing but sweet to Harry.


21473404Sally Jackson | Percy Jackson

How can you not love Sally Jackson? She does so much to protect Percy and sacrifices her own happiness to do it. But even though she’s doing all she can to keep him safe, she still goes out of her way to make him happy. I love the mention of how she makes as much blue food as possible just because Gabe once said there wasn’t blue food and how the blue food carried on throughout the entire series and spinoff.



Frannie Lancaster | The Fault in our Stars

Although a bit of a background character for a lot of the book Frannie Lancaster is a great mother. I can hardly imagine what it is like to watch your child suffer like that but I love all that she does for Hazel. She is so encouraging and positive throughout the book. Plus I love that at the end she reveals she’s been taking classes to become a social worker to help others through experiences similar to her own which just shows what an amazing woman she is.

Who are your favorite book moms?

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Weekly Playlist

So I was lazy last night and didn’t post this like I was supposed to so here it is a day late.

This week not much has changed. I’m still thoroughly fine with listening to Seafret on repeat (Oceans and Breathe are still my favs) . I’ve also been listening to Hozier’s song off the Tarzan soundtrack, Better Love a lot. I’ve also been listening to Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya. It is so catchy.

But I have a new performance from the voice to share. It’s the battles which are my favorite part of the show. This performance of Hello is amazing. It’s sounds great with men’s voices.


And then of course my girl Wé killed her battle.


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