Monthly Obsessions: September

September is over and it’s finally October. September is always an interesting months. Summer ends, we go back to school and we get stuck in a weird in-between with weather of being too hot for fall but to cool for summer.

With the end of September I’ve decided to wrap up the month with my Monthly Obsessions, so things I was loving for the month of September.

Book Obsession | Crooked Kingdom

22299763-2I absolutely loved Crooked Kingdom. The characters from Six of Crows are some of my favorites to read and the whole concept of a band of criminals who do these elaborately planned heists are so fun. Crooked Kingdom was everything I wanted the sequel of Six of Crows to be and was my favorite book this month and definitely one of my top books for the year.



TV Show Obsession | The Voice 


I didn’t really watch a lot of TV this month since none of my favorite shows are on right now (twidiling my thumbs waiting for GOT, The 100, Outlander & Sherlock to come back). This month I did start watching the new season of The Voice because I think Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys as coaches will be really interesting, plus the people who sing on the voice are always so amazing.

Movie Obsession | NONE 😦

What a sad confession that I did not see a single new movie the entire month. The only movie I saw this month was part of a special outdoor movie on the lawn program here at school where they showed Captain America Civil War. Now of course I’ve already seen it, but it was great to see it again, but no new movies for me.

Music Obsession | Seafret

packshotIf you’ve seen any of my Weekly Playlist posts, then you know for 3 weeks straight I listen to nothing but Seafret songs, my favorites being Breathe, Oceans, Tell Me It’s Real, and Wildfire. If you like Mumford and Sons or Hozier I think you’d like Seafret.


Book Purchase Obsession | The Book Thief 

img_3089I bought a lot of books this month so it’s hard to decide which purchase this month is my absolute favorite. I’m really happy that I bought the Special Anniversary Edition of The Book Thief, one of my favorite books. I never loved the cover and it’s so small in paper back but this new Anniversary Edition is a beautiful, big thick book which a gorgeous and simple white cover.


Book Cover Obsession | Empire of Storms

28260587I would expect nothing less from Sarah J Maas than gorgeous covers and this one does not disappoint. From the moment it was released I thought Aelin had a pirate look to her which had me hopeful we’d be seeing a certain old pirate friend again. Of course the book was fabulous but the cover is amazing and fits so nicely with the rest of the series.



Food Obsession |  Wawa

wawa_416x416.jpgSo coming back to Delaware has 1 major perk: Wawa. I love the ease at which I can get a customized sub, cookie, coffee, candy or whatever at Wawa so I’ve certainly eaten my fill of it this month. In fact, Wawa was the first place I went when I landed here in DE.


Other | Bookstagrams & Blogging

This month I took my first photo of my books all arranged in a nice pattern and I have not been able to stop since then. When I’m bored or in need of a distraction from my homework I start grabbing random books of my shelf and try to get nice photos of them. Then I head on over to Canva, my other new obsessions and spend way to much time playing with new featured images for my blog. And my blog has definitely been an obsession this month. To the woe of my school work, I spend way to much time each week thinking of fun posts to do. I mean look at how out of control it’s getting. (But I love it so it’s fine).

What did you love this month? Did you have any major obsessions? Comment below!

Thanks for Reading!




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