My Piglets Are Here!

img_3133This past Friday my pig farrowed! I was with her from 4pm until about 9pm. She had been exhibiting pre birth behaviors all day and finally had milk so we knew it would likely be within 24 hours. And sure enough around 5:30pm we got our first piglet!

The entire birth went smoothly, with 13 piglets total, no still births and only 1 piglet that seemed to need a bit of our assistance after he was born. All he needed was some rubbing and tickling the inside of his mouth to get him to take a deep breath or 2 and clear out any fluid in his lungs.

They are so cute and small and it is so amazing to watch the birth of any animal. And it’s such blessing that everything went nice and smoothly and we did not really have to intervene much. We watched, kept track of the time between piglets, snipped umbilical cords and made sure pigs were nursing and bottle fed the few that weren’t. Plus as always we had to watch to make sure mama didn’t squish any of her knew little ones while she was getting up and down because that does happen.

Today 3 days later we still have all 13! Both our tiny runts are doing well so hopefully we can get them all through to weaning

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