Empire of Storms Merch


So I am so excited because my gifts for preordering Empire of Storms and the Throne of Glass coloring book are finally here! I preordered the books back in July and have been waiting patiently for mine to show up and they’re finally here. This time, for preorder Empire of Storms and the coloring book, you got 4 throne of glass colored pencils, and this adorable little notebook that says “You Could Rattle the Stars” on it and has a list of all our main characters names on it! I love that they do the preorder merch because it makes waiting for the next book that much more fun and I love these items! (and unfortunately no the awesome amulet of orynth necklace did not come with it. I have Emily @ emiesnook for getting me that!)

Did you do the preorder? Have you ever gotten a preorder gift that you loved?

Thanks for Reading!



4 thoughts on “Empire of Storms Merch

  1. Ann says:

    I wish that I had known about that before now! I am obsessed with that notebook that you have! I love me some notebooks and I want that one in my hands right now! I’m so jealous right now!

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