Updated Bookshelf

So I posted my Rainbow Bookshelf when I first got it set up but it has grown quite a bit since then. So here’s a little update.


It now fills 3.5 shelves and has added quite a few trinkets. I’ve also added a few new protectors to my shelves. I’ve had Wee Jamie up at the top for a while but now I have added  Sam and Dean from Supernatural (although Sam had an accident today and broke an arm). On top I also have a little paper Thor and beside my bookshelf I have the beautiful, majestic, full sized Legolas cutout. I did not buy him. He was a gift to one of my housemates but she ended up letting him stay in my room and I love him. He stands watch by the door.

Up hanging out with Thor on the top of my bookshelf and next to Sam I have little odes to my love of dogs and my belief in reducing dogs in need. My mom bought me the two wooden signs on the top of my shelf for my birthday and I love them, and then I got the “I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs” sign at a little dog boutique in Annapolis. I’m a firm believer that All Dogs Matter so I love my signs and plan to make my future house full of these kinds of dog themes.


So this was my updated bookshelf. I’m always playing with it, rearranging things, changing the photos or switching books around so the rainbow flows better. It gives me such satisfaction and I can’t wait to keep adding to it!!!

Thanks for Reading


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