Mini Vacation: Annapolis, MD

So a couple of weekends ago it was parents weekend at my school. Now it’s a bit of a haul from Massachusetts to Delaware but seeing as my little sister is in school in Pennsylvania, my parents and my older brother made the trip. My parents picked me up Friday and we decided instead of just hanging out on campus for the weekend we’d drive to Annapolis Maryland, somewhere we’d never been.

Annapolis is adorable. It reminded me of a tiny Boston, with the old brick buildings, and cobblestone streets. We stayed in this really adorable historic inn right on State Circle, which features the Maryland Statehouse right in the center of the rotary. (which had this cool room with a glass floor so you could see the original foundation beneath!)

If you duck down one of the side alleys you pop out on a bustling and busy little main street that leads right down to the water. There were actually a lot of people in Annapolis this weekend because it was a big boat show. There were tons a cute restaurants and pubs, plus lots of cute little shops. There were also a lot of bars and now that I’m 21 I could finally partake in all the fun with my family.

Now if you don’t know Annapolis’s big claim to fame, besides being the capital of Maryland (bet you thought it was Baltimore) is that it’s the location of the US Naval Academy. Saturday my family and I went to the campus (even though Hurricane Matthew was dumping rain on us). They have a Navy Museum there and you can walk around and look at the buildings and go in the visitors center. We also stopped at the Maryland WWII monument on our way out of town.

Sunday we walked around, ate and shopped. I had a lot of delicious food this weekend. We also went into this adorable dog shop next to our hotel called Paws and I got this cute little sign (for my bookshelf of course)

On our drive back to Delaware, we drove up the Maryland Delaware Boarder and ended up in this tiny little town called Chesapeake City. It’s on the canal between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River and there’s a huge bridge that the town is sort of in the shadow of. There’s a cute Inn there where we ate and we were wondering why the bridge was so large in such a small place, but lucky for us we got a demonstration for why. (if you didn’t notice that white thing under the bridge is a massive boat going through).

All in all it was a great weekend. Annapolis is adorable and it was god to see my family since I haven’t seen them since the end of August. Plus it was extra special that my brother was able to come, since he’s working now.


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