The Book Barn

So if you follow Emily @ EmiesNook you may have seen her post about our bookish adventure (click here to read it) to the Book Barn.

It’s this old barn filled floor to ceiling with books! It’s run by the Lions Club and helps raise money for children who need glasses.

We took a 20 minute drive through gorgeous pennsylvania farmland to get there and it was awesome. Hardcover books were only $1.50 and paperbacks were .75c!!! I was just browsing and happened to see the second book in the darkest minds trilogy, Never Fade! I’ve been looking for them at the used bookstore near our school but here it was for $1.50!

There was a really adorable barn cat named Tom there who was happy to have his back scratched and pose for a few photos as well. Emily was kind enough to bring her fancy camera for me to play with since I’m throwing around the idea of getting my own. Tom was even kind enough to pose for a photo in a pile of children’s books.

All in all it was a great way to spend a cool fall afternoon, completely surrounded by books!

Now before you go,enjoy our hay bale photo shoot in which I took this marvelous photo of Emily trying to get on it and failing miserably.

Thanks for Reading


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