Nessian Updates

So I feel like this has become a little series on my blog since the lovely Jess @ starswholisten writes so much fabulous Nessian Fic just for me. But really these posts are for my inner SJM fangirl. I’ve done a few others about fan fiction, as well as some amazing fan art which you can see here:

The Greatest Nessian Fic of All Time

Nessian Fic Part 2

Nessian Fic Part 3

Nessian Fic Part 4

Rise Elorcan

When Fan Art is Life Changing 

When Fan Art is Life Changing Part 2

So you can see, I have a tendency to get excited about these things. AND NOW THERE’S MORE!!!


New Fics:

So recently I pitched a new idea for a Cassian narrated theme of certain scenes from ACOMAF and so far we have the first one and it’s amazing!!! You can check it out here and if you’re a Cassian lover then I think this is for you. It’s called “You Might Be One of Us”.

Then we have a new Nessian AU which is amazing because Nesta is a veterinarian!!! (Incase you do not know I am currently in the midst of applying to vet school and I am Jess’s muse for Nesta so this is basically a fic about me in my eyes). So even thought it probably holds less personal feels for you, it is amazing because the idea of Nesta being the kind of person who loves animals more than people is great. You can check that out here and it’s called “Dirty Paws”.

Fan Art:


And then finally Coralie Jubénot has some new art for us and guess who it is!?!?! It’s CASSIAN!!! AND HE’S SHIRTLESS!!!! Now I didn’t love her first cassian drawing, but I think it was more just the outfit because this one is AMAZING (although I still secretly imagine him with a little facial hair). But look at this? Is it not gorgeous? Does it not make you want to melt? Because it makes me so weak in the knees and I may have to order this on a coffee mug because that would for sure get me out of bed in the morning.


Anyways, thanks for putting up with my fangirl. I’d probably go insane if I couldn’t talk to people about this borderline unhealthy obsession with these fictional beauties but what are blogs for?

Thanks for Reading






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