Vet School Interviews: University of Missouri

So you applied to vet school and now it’s interview time. And you’ve heard the rumors. That vet school interviews are horrible, that they’re trying to trip you up and that this is the make or break it moment of you getting in.

Well if you’re looking for some help what better thing to do than get an idea that to figure out what some of the questions they may ask you. Now obviously interviews are not all the same and you shouldn’t be memorizing answers but there are some general questions you may want to be thinking about.

So if you’re interviewing at the University of Missouri I’m here to help. I had my interview there and I thought it went well. I was very nervous going in but I found it really wasn’t too bad. You interview with a panel of 4 people. 3 of those people are “scoring” you and 1 is watching. Each person asks you questions before moving on to the next person.

For me the first person asked the more standard interview questions. She asked me things like:

-where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-what is a leadership experience you’ve had and what did you learn from it?

-what is a weakness of yours and how are you working on it?

-What have you done to develop good time management skills?

See pretty standard questions you may expect from an interview. The next 2 interviewers had less questions but they were more specific to my application since this is not a blind interview. The second interviewer asked me:

-how do you pick up a skunk?

Now I know this seems random but I had just finished an internship at a wildlife center the summer before applying so this was right up my ally and we had a good laugh while I explained that no matter how careful you were it was going to stink. He went on to ask me:

-were skunks a rabies concern for you?

-I see you’re from Massachusetts but you attend the University of Delaware. Why Delaware?

-What is the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare and how would you implement that in practice?

Now I was prepared for this question because I has seen it on online forums for Missouri. And if I hadn’t been I’m not sure I would have been able to define them off the top of my head. It was a bit of a tricky question but if you know they might ask it then you have time to think about how you might answer it. That was this interviewers last question.¬†My final interviewer asked me:

-I see you have a lot of hours of working as a chemistry TA. Can you explain what your role was?

-What was your favorite class?

-What was your least favorite class?

And then finally the 4th interviewer, who doesn’t score you asks if you have any questions. After that she ask the final question which is:

-why should we accept you?

So all in all it’s only a 15 minute interview and the questions are not made to trip you up. Yes it’s good to go into any interview with a strength and weakness in mind as well as a few scenarios that may demonstrate leadership or working well in a group. But once they start asking you questions about things you put on your application, it’s really not hard to talk about that because it’s things you did. You’re not reaching for an answer off the top of your brain. Most of the things on my application are experiences I enjoyed so I was happy to gush about them. So relax, the interview is not that bad. They told us of the 900 out of state applicants we were the 200 they invited to interview, so they are already impressed by your application. Remember they just want to get to know you. So let your personality shine through and answer honestly.



Vet School Interviews: Kansas State

This is a panel interview. There were 3 interviewers and they just alternated who was asking questions. There was a mix of standard interview questions and questions more specific to my application. Some of the general questions included:

-tell us a little bit about yourself

-where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-what are important leadership traits for a veterinarian?

-what do you think will be the biggest global issue within the next decade?

-how could human doctors and veterinarians better communicate and why is it important?

-what is one of the biggest challenges in the food and production animal industry?

-why kansas state?

-why is one health important and what do veterinarians have to contribute?

-in 1 minute or less tell us an interesting fact you learned this year, and it does not have to be related to animal health or medicine at all (I had some fun with this one)

Some of the specific questions to my application they asked included:

-I see you read a lot of books (it was a question on the application). What types of books do you like?

-Why is reading so important to you?

-you wrote about the human animal bond in your essay? Can you elaborate on what that is and why it is important to you?

The questions were deep and thinking questions at times. I had never really thought much about doctors and veterinarians being brought up in an interview but I never felt like they asked me something I couldn’t answer. But I thought the people interviewing me were very friendly and I really enjoyed their answers to my questions for them as well. Overall I really enjoyed my visit to Kansas so as with all interviews relax, take a deep breath, be yourself and let your personality shine through because they do want to get to know you.