Hi I’m Maggie. I’m currently a senior at the University of Delaware studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Bioscience with a minor in Biology. I am a Massachusetts native, born and bred, incase you were wondering about the name. I love all the Boston sports teams, tennis, reading, animals (especially dogs), snowboarding, and being outside. The other part of the name, “novel” comes from the fact that I love to read and I am a huge nerd. I consider myself a member of many fandoms including GOT, Outlander, The 100, Throne of Glass, TMI, Supernatural, Sherlock, Avengers/Marvel, LOTR, Star Wars and who knows what else since I doesn’t take much to get me hooked. Also, I feel this blog will be a bit of my life novel so the word seems fitting.

I have dreams of traveling far and wide, but who knows what will happen. I have 2 dogs who I love to death and to really be happy I’ll take a cup of coffee, a good book and my puppies curled up near me.


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  2. Sarah says:

    Hey, I live only an hour away from Boston haha! Speaking of sports, we usually try to get out to Fenway Park once a year on summer vaca, it’s so much fun :))


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