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Hi everyone!

So this week I had so many exams and projects due and the election (which we are not going to talk about) so I have not had time to post at all! It’s been an ENTIRE WEEK since I last posted and I’ve been trying to keep up with my bookstagram but even that’s been a challenge this week. I have so many posts I’m behind on and don’t worry they are coming but this week I was just drowning in school work. But now the week is over and what better way than with a THANKYOU GIVEAWAY! I recently hit 100 followers on my blog and 200 followers on my bookstagram so I have a little something for you guys!

If you win you will get this adorable Bibliophile bracelet, handmade by Emily @ Emiesnook  (check out her Etsy Shop here!) and the #currentlyreading bookmark in either warm OR cool from Skinny Hues on Etsy
The rules:

  • Follow this blog, like this post, and comment below you’re favorite type of blog post (tag, playlist, haul whatever!)
  • For an additional entry reblog this post
  • For ANOTHER additional entry go to my bookstagram and enter there!

This giveaway will be international and will close November 31st and the winner will be announcedDecember 1st.
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Monthly Obsessions: October

October is gone, just like that. I can’t believe it’s already November! Where did the month go? But anyway, October is over and with that it’s time to move on from this months obsessions.

Book Obsession | Neverfade

16150830.jpgOk so this is not a new book for me. I read this book a while ago, but I found it for $1.50 hardcover this month at the Book Barn and forgot how amazing it was. I flipped through looking for a certain chapter and ended up skimming the entire book again so I’d say I was reobsessed with this book this month.


Movie Obsession | How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

tumblr_m28qc874rq1qjfsjdSometime you just need to watch a good romcom. This month my roommates and I watched this one night and it was everything I remembered it being. So good. It’s just such a funny movie but at the same time super cute.


TV Show Obsession | Legend of Korra/Avatar

b677099df8694fc55e953071bd8f579a.jpgThe problem right now is none of my shows are on. And then they’re all going to be on at the same time in the spring. However this month for some reason I found myself rewatching a ton of episodes of Legend of Korra, which led to me watching the entire last season of Avatar (last season because Zuko joins the squad and is low key hot). I loved this show as a kid and even in college I watched all the episodes they put out of LoK because it’s just such an awesome concept and done so well.

Music Obsession | 

packshotSo this is a repeat from last month, but I’m literally still obsessed with Seafret. I love their music so much and still listen to it no matter what I’m doing: falling asleep, walking to class, sitting in bed, studying, whatever. Favorite songs are still Breathe and Oceans.



Book Purchase Obsession | Iron Fae Series

I love these books and literally felt like I won the lottery when I found both of them for super cheat at a used book store. Plus with beautiful bright colored spines they look great on the shelf!


Book Cover Obsession | The Wrath and the Dawn

18798983I bought this book this month (haven’t read it yet) and just think it’s so stunning. It is such a beautiful color and the design on the front with the picture underneath is so gorgeous.



Food Obsession | Apple Cider

6e5cc182e4a9532778b15b7f9c5cf720.jpgIt was October so naturally I’ve been eating all the fall treats. And I bought myself a gallon of cider while apple picking. I bought it thinking I’d share with my roommates but I pretty much drank the entire gallon by myself because it’s sooooo good.


Other Obsession | Bookstagram

Yes this is still a big obsession for me. I’m still relatively new at it but I’m having so much fun getting into the monthly challenges they have.


What were you obsessed with this month?

Thanks for Reading


Monthly Shelfie

October 2016

Books Read | 1

-Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

That’s right…just 1 book this month. It was a crazy month for school and my weekends were pretty full so I did not have a lot of time to read.

Favorite Book This Month | Three Dark Crowns


So this wins by default but I did enjoy this book. It was our bookclub book this month so lookout for our group discussion.

November TBR |

-And I Darken

-The Wrath and the Dawn

-Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer

October Map|


So my favorite feature on WordPress is the map of where your views are coming from so I just like to share that since I think it’s fascinating. My goal every month is to get a country on every continent so mission accomplished!

Thanks for Reading



The Book Barn

So if you follow Emily @ EmiesNook you may have seen her post about our bookish adventure (click here to read it) to the Book Barn.

It’s this old barn filled floor to ceiling with books! It’s run by the Lions Club and helps raise money for children who need glasses.

We took a 20 minute drive through gorgeous pennsylvania farmland to get there and it was awesome. Hardcover books were only $1.50 and paperbacks were .75c!!! I was just browsing and happened to see the second book in the darkest minds trilogy, Never Fade! I’ve been looking for them at the used bookstore near our school but here it was for $1.50!

There was a really adorable barn cat named Tom there who was happy to have his back scratched and pose for a few photos as well. Emily was kind enough to bring her fancy camera for me to play with since I’m throwing around the idea of getting my own. Tom was even kind enough to pose for a photo in a pile of children’s books.

All in all it was a great way to spend a cool fall afternoon, completely surrounded by books!

Now before you go,enjoy our hay bale photo shoot in which I took this marvelous photo of Emily trying to get on it and failing miserably.

Thanks for Reading


Weekly Bookstagram – #9

So this was my October haul photo but then that day I went out and got some more books (oops) so now it’s just a really pretty photo. I love the bookstagram dagger. It makes everything look better! I’m really excited about The Wrath and the Dawn? What purchase are you most excited about this month???

Thanks for Reading 

Weekly Playlist 

So I know this is a day late but what a crazy weekend it was. So this weekend one of my best friends, Jess @ StarsWhoListen came down to visit me at school. And we have a few songs that were always playing on the radio last year that we SCREAM when they’re on. So seeing as she was here, naturally we had to listen to these songs over and over again whenever we were in the car and they are this weeks playlist:

Cake By The Ocean by DNCE 

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

Stitches by Shawn Mendes 

I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons 

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

Drops of Jupiter by Train 

We literally scream these songs at the top of our lungs while we drive and it usually ends up on someone’s snapchat. 

Thanks for reading 

Mini Vacation: Annapolis, MD

So a couple of weekends ago it was parents weekend at my school. Now it’s a bit of a haul from Massachusetts to Delaware but seeing as my little sister is in school in Pennsylvania, my parents and my older brother made the trip. My parents picked me up Friday and we decided instead of just hanging out on campus for the weekend we’d drive to Annapolis Maryland, somewhere we’d never been.

Annapolis is adorable. It reminded me of a tiny Boston, with the old brick buildings, and cobblestone streets. We stayed in this really adorable historic inn right on State Circle, which features the Maryland Statehouse right in the center of the rotary. (which had this cool room with a glass floor so you could see the original foundation beneath!)

If you duck down one of the side alleys you pop out on a bustling and busy little main street that leads right down to the water. There were actually a lot of people in Annapolis this weekend because it was a big boat show. There were tons a cute restaurants and pubs, plus lots of cute little shops. There were also a lot of bars and now that I’m 21 I could finally partake in all the fun with my family.

Now if you don’t know Annapolis’s big claim to fame, besides being the capital of Maryland (bet you thought it was Baltimore) is that it’s the location of the US Naval Academy. Saturday my family and I went to the campus (even though Hurricane Matthew was dumping rain on us). They have a Navy Museum there and you can walk around and look at the buildings and go in the visitors center. We also stopped at the Maryland WWII monument on our way out of town.

Sunday we walked around, ate and shopped. I had a lot of delicious food this weekend. We also went into this adorable dog shop next to our hotel called Paws and I got this cute little sign (for my bookshelf of course)

On our drive back to Delaware, we drove up the Maryland Delaware Boarder and ended up in this tiny little town called Chesapeake City. It’s on the canal between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River and there’s a huge bridge that the town is sort of in the shadow of. There’s a cute Inn there where we ate and we were wondering why the bridge was so large in such a small place, but lucky for us we got a demonstration for why. (if you didn’t notice that white thing under the bridge is a massive boat going through).

All in all it was a great weekend. Annapolis is adorable and it was god to see my family since I haven’t seen them since the end of August. Plus it was extra special that my brother was able to come, since he’s working now.


Thanks for Reading!


Updated Bookshelf

So I posted my Rainbow Bookshelf when I first got it set up but it has grown quite a bit since then. So here’s a little update.


It now fills 3.5 shelves and has added quite a few trinkets. I’ve also added a few new protectors to my shelves. I’ve had Wee Jamie up at the top for a while but now I have added  Sam and Dean from Supernatural (although Sam had an accident today and broke an arm). On top I also have a little paper Thor and beside my bookshelf I have the beautiful, majestic, full sized Legolas cutout. I did not buy him. He was a gift to one of my housemates but she ended up letting him stay in my room and I love him. He stands watch by the door.

Up hanging out with Thor on the top of my bookshelf and next to Sam I have little odes to my love of dogs and my belief in reducing dogs in need. My mom bought me the two wooden signs on the top of my shelf for my birthday and I love them, and then I got the “I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs” sign at a little dog boutique in Annapolis. I’m a firm believer that All Dogs Matter so I love my signs and plan to make my future house full of these kinds of dog themes.


So this was my updated bookshelf. I’m always playing with it, rearranging things, changing the photos or switching books around so the rainbow flows better. It gives me such satisfaction and I can’t wait to keep adding to it!!!

Thanks for Reading