First Blog Birthday!

So today I was just really feeling a blog post and I guess it was fate because I logged on to a message that it’s my blogs birthday!!!!


I started this blog 1 year ago on the other side of the world. I started this in New Zealand while I was studying abroad because I just felt like I needed to share some of the amazing experiences I was having and all the amazing things I was seeing.

But while I was in New Zealand I realized that I wouldn’t be here forever but I wanted to continue to blog. And what else would I blog about but books!?

Although I still haven’t found a good balance of blogging and real life I really do enjoy being a part of the book blog community. It is so fun and even though there are times when I just don’t have the time for it I do love it.

So thank you everyone who has made joining this community so fun and I look forward to being a part of it for another year!!!


My Thoughts on 2016

So if you read my blog you know my favorite booktube blogger is PolandBananasBooks. And one of my favorite videos she does is her end of the year summary. Because listening to her put her year in perspective always helps me do the same for mine.

The end of the year is always such a rush and with new year’s resolutions we sometimes lose sight of everything we accomplished the previous year. So here I’d like to share some of the big mile stones of my 2016:

1. I studied abroad in New Zealand | January

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New Zealand all winter to study Animal Science last year and it was the most amazing 5 weeks of my life. I started this blog because of that trip. There I got to see picturesque landscapes, sky dive, bungee jump, white water raft, see a world heritage site, experience a totally new culture and make so many new friends. I’ve done so many posts about it but as it is currently the 1 year anniversary of my arrival date I can’t help but reminisce all the amazing memories. Especially since my little Emiy @ Emiesnook is there right now!

2. I went home for a weekend | March

I do not live close enough to have the luxury to go home for the weekend in college. It’s a 6 hour drive on a good day and I don’t have a car. But in March my best friend Jess @ starswholisten and I took a road trip to Massachusetts so I could show her around Boston to see if she wanted to attend Law School there. Not only did we discover some of the most important Bellarke songs ever on this trip but we marched about 9 miles from Fenway, all through the Back Bay, up the Esplanade, to the Public Garden, Common, Government Center, Faneuil Hall, then all the way up to the north end for a cannoli before joining my parents in the south end for dinner. It was so much fun and I’m so glad that I helped her decided to move up here for Law School.

3. I met my little | March

I know I mention her all the time, but the truth is Emily @ EmiesNook and I haven’t even known each other for a year yet. We met in March when we went on a “girl date” for a sorority to help the new members meet people. The reason I was interested in meeting her is because she had put The 100 under things she liked and then I saw she had Sarah J Maas there as well and I knew we were meant to be friends. Since then she has been responsible for a massive increase in my neediness and I thank her for every second of it.


4. I met my favorite author | April

I have Emily @ Emiesnook to thank for this one too, but in April she invited me along to meet Sarah J Maas and it was so amazing. We drove 3 hours to a sleepy little town in Pennsylvania even though we hadn’t even known each other for a month yet. We met Sarah who was amazing. She was so funny and actually moderating for another author but she was so down to earth and hilarious. I was so grateful to get my books signed and I am counting down the days until she coms my way again.

5. I got my little | April

Big-Little week was so amazing for me. I have posts about all the days that you can go read but Emily @ Emiesnook did such an amazing job. All the days were things I loved to much. From James Frase, Jon Snow and Bellamy Blake on man crush monday, to Throne of Glass and Lord of the Rings I was so grateful to all the work she put into decorating my room. Plus after that we started spending way too much time together alone with my big Jess @ starswholisten. We watched The 100, GoT and Outlander together every week, went to the bookstore together and ate pints of ice cream together. PLUS Sarah J Maas herself liked the tweet of the paddle I made my little that said “fire breathing bitch queen” on it!


6. ACOMAF | May

In May ACOMAF came out and almost ruined my life. I still blame this book for me almost failing a class last spring because no matter how hard I tried to study I could think about nothing else. This is my favorite book last year and my favorite book of all time at the moment and I have literally been twidiling my thumbs waiting for ACOWAR to come out. No book has ever resulted in me buying so much book merch (you’ve seen the candles). Never have I saved so much fanart, or read so much fan fiction for a book. I am in love with it and so it was definitely a highlight of the year.


7. Everyone Graduated | May

This year everyone but me graduated. My brother graduated college, my sister graduated high school and my best friend and big Jess graduated from UD. The road trip to Bucknell with my mom was awesome since we always have fun together (even though it was in the middle of my finals week). Then I had Jess’s graduation at UD which I was fortunate enough to still be around for. It was bitter sweet but I was glad to be there. And then when I got home my little sister graduated from high school.







8. Wildlife Internship | June

In June I started one of the best internships of my life. I had the opportunity to work at a wildlife center and it was amazing. I got to work with geese, ducks, squirrels, song birds, skunks, owls, hawks and of course raccoons!!!

9. I turned 21!!! | July

I finally turned 21 this year. I was the last one of my friend group. And to make it even better Jess drove all the way to Massachusetts to celebrate with me. While it was low-key, just going into the city with my family plus Jess, it was just so exciting to finally be able to get a drink in the bar.


10. Cape Vacation | July

After 2 months of working 7 days a week, I could think of nothing better than spending a week on the Cape with my family. We ended up in a cute cottage, got to borrow a friends boat and I got to partake in all the late night merriment since I was newly 21. It was so relaxing and nice since my brother had moved out after graduating so I got to see him for a whole week.

11. I’m a senior now? | August

I can’t believe it’s already here but somehow I’m on my last year of college. It feels like I just arrived at UD yesterday and now I’m getting ready to start my final semester of my undergraduate degree. It’s been nothing short of amazing. I’ve met so many amazing friends and gotten to do so many amazing things as a member of the Ag school. I have UD to thank for my opportunity to travel to New Zealand, and some of the amazing hands on experiences I’ve had.

12. I applied to vet school! | September

After doing nothing but applications all August long I finished all the essays and pieces of the application and submitted in September. Being a vet is my lifelong dream since I was 4 years old so to finally apply was so surreal after chasing this dream for all this time.

13. I got a pig! | September

This year I had the amazing opportunity to care for a sow and later her 13 piglets. I have never been so close to a pig before but I loved every second of it. It was so fun being a part of the birth of my piglets and brining my friends in to meet them. Plus it was actually so relaxing for me to have an animal to care for during the semester. I didn’t care that I had to get up early on the weekends and walk to the farm. Or that I always seemed to smell like pig. It is an experience I will remember forever and will always be grateful for.

14. Annapolis | October

In october I got to visit Annapolis with my parents and siblings. It was special that everyone was able to get down to the midatlantic at the same time and we had so much fun exploring Annapolis, a city we had never been to before. Plus it was the first time I’d seen my parents since August.

15. I joined Bookstagram | October

On top of my blog I finally had the courage to jump into the world of bookstagram. I love bookstagrams and had been playing around with the idea but I didn’t want to commit. Since joining Bookstagram I’ve had nothing but a positive experience from the community and I love being a part of bookstagram.

16. I cosplayed for the first time | October

For halloween this year my friends Jess and Emily and I committed to being Aelin, Elide and Manon from Throne of Glass. I have never done anything that required a wig like that before but we had such a good photo shoot and it gave me an excuse to buy “the bookstagram dagger”. Plus we were low-key twitter famous for a bit (for us anyways).

17.  I got accepted to vet school! | November

In November I heard back from one of the vet schools I applied to, University College Dublin with an acceptance! It came out of the blue since I was expecting to need to interview first so imagine my surprise when I was sitting in class and got a congratulatory email from the university.


18. I went to a Scottish Ball | November

After taking Scottish Country Dance with Emily the whole semester we attended the Argyle ball in our best scottish get up and danced with people who had been doing this for a long time. But it was so fun. Everyone was so welcoming, the music was amazing and it ended up being an amazing night.

19. I picked up a dog on the side of the road | December

This is something I always do. If I see a dog in the street I am always the car that pulls over to get it. I was on my way to a service project for my sorority and there was this little cocker spaniel running around on a busy street. It was running from another woman chasing it but I popped out of the car and crouched in the street until the dog came to me. She was adorable and we were able to get it to a local vets office for animal control to pick up and get home.


20. I finished my last fall semester of undergrad | December

This was my first and only 4.0 semester! I got straight As and I was not taking a light course load. Lucky for me my roommates birthday was on the last day of finals so me and my roommates were able to all be together and go out in ugly christmas sweaters before leaving the next day. I could think of no better way to end one of our last semesters together.

21. Bruins Game | December

Right when I got back from school my parents had an early christmas present for us. We were all going to a bruins game. I got to see my brother and sister and hang out with them for an entire evening (my parents had better seats) and even though the Bruins lost it was so fun.


22. The Holidays | December

This year we finished off the year right. We had a great Christmas Eve party (which I may have had a little too much wine at). Christmas was not the best (solely because I was more than hungover. I had a couple dashes to the toilet to let some of that wine back out….oops). But then my family finished off the year with an amazing ski weekend. My family loves to ski and my brother was able to come so we were all together. We went to the mountain where we basically learned to ski, Attitash, NH. There I had a great time snowboarding on fresh snow that fell the day we arrived and we had a great family New Years to finish out 2016.


2016 may have not been the best year in the world. Sure lots of terrible things happened, we lost a lot of legends and I can’t say I’m happy about our new president but it’s important to reflect on the good in your life. And I’d say I was pretty blessed this year. Hopefully 2017 is even better as the joke in our house is that it’s “the year of Maggie” since I’m the only one graduating this year.

Hopefully everyone has things to be happy about looking back on at the end of 2016 and has a good start to 2017.

Thanks for Reading



Ending My Hiatus

Hello everyone long time no see!!!

So I have not written a post in a long long time. At first it was because  December was CRAZY for me. Right after Thanksgiving break I was swamped with school work. I had so many finals that I didn’t have time to do anything else.

Then with finals done I went home and suddenly it was Christmas and then I was away for New Years but I assure you I am not giving up on my blog.

I did need a break though. I was so spent after finals this semester that the idea of writing for my blog or reading did not sound relaxing at all. I needed a few good days of sleeping late, doing nothing but binge watching TV.

But I am back! I don’t think I’m going to push myself to publish as many times as I was earlier in the fall because I just found I was setting the bar too high for myself and I was disappointed when I didn’t accomplish my goal some weeks.

I also have tags to catch up on! Thank you to everyone who tagged me in things I promise I have not forgotten. I have a list of all the tags I have to do and I will do them because I love them!!!

Thanks for Reading!


The Argyle Ball

So this weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Scottish Social Dance. This semester in college, I took Scottish Country Dancing, in which we learn how to scottish social dance. Then we have the option of attending the Argyle Ball in Alexandria, VA (right by DC) where many people who are actually part of the scottish dance community come together and dance the night away.

So I went with Emily @ Emiesnook and it was amazing. We both ordered plaid skirt to wear and all the guys there were in full kilts. I also found an Outlander Hair Tutorial on Youtube so I did Emily’s hair like Gellis at the gathering and mine like Jenny’s.

There was food and drinks before hand and then we all process in behind a bag pipe. Then that’s followed by a waltz and I will say I think I got to waltz with the only man under age 30 at the entire shindig (and just saying he wasn’t too bad looking either 😉 ). After that you form sets and do the dances. They read through the steps once and then you just go. And there were some I knew better than others but fortunately everyone there was really nice and helped you get where you needed to go if you got confused.


The dance was 3 hours long! There was a short “tea interval” to eat and drink in the middle and then more dancing. But it was so fun. We had live music, featuring the 2 time world champion Scottish Violinist! And then at the end there was a little after party with delicious food and wine at one of the dancers houses. I think my favorite dance was a Jig where I was partners with my teacher and he just seemed to be having so much fun and it was a magical night. I’m super excited to take the class again next semester and hopefully go to more social dances!


Thanks for Reading


The Book Barn

So if you follow Emily @ EmiesNook you may have seen her post about our bookish adventure (click here to read it) to the Book Barn.

It’s this old barn filled floor to ceiling with books! It’s run by the Lions Club and helps raise money for children who need glasses.

We took a 20 minute drive through gorgeous pennsylvania farmland to get there and it was awesome. Hardcover books were only $1.50 and paperbacks were .75c!!! I was just browsing and happened to see the second book in the darkest minds trilogy, Never Fade! I’ve been looking for them at the used bookstore near our school but here it was for $1.50!

There was a really adorable barn cat named Tom there who was happy to have his back scratched and pose for a few photos as well. Emily was kind enough to bring her fancy camera for me to play with since I’m throwing around the idea of getting my own. Tom was even kind enough to pose for a photo in a pile of children’s books.

All in all it was a great way to spend a cool fall afternoon, completely surrounded by books!

Now before you go,enjoy our hay bale photo shoot in which I took this marvelous photo of Emily trying to get on it and failing miserably.

Thanks for Reading


Mini Vacation: Annapolis, MD

So a couple of weekends ago it was parents weekend at my school. Now it’s a bit of a haul from Massachusetts to Delaware but seeing as my little sister is in school in Pennsylvania, my parents and my older brother made the trip. My parents picked me up Friday and we decided instead of just hanging out on campus for the weekend we’d drive to Annapolis Maryland, somewhere we’d never been.

Annapolis is adorable. It reminded me of a tiny Boston, with the old brick buildings, and cobblestone streets. We stayed in this really adorable historic inn right on State Circle, which features the Maryland Statehouse right in the center of the rotary. (which had this cool room with a glass floor so you could see the original foundation beneath!)

If you duck down one of the side alleys you pop out on a bustling and busy little main street that leads right down to the water. There were actually a lot of people in Annapolis this weekend because it was a big boat show. There were tons a cute restaurants and pubs, plus lots of cute little shops. There were also a lot of bars and now that I’m 21 I could finally partake in all the fun with my family.

Now if you don’t know Annapolis’s big claim to fame, besides being the capital of Maryland (bet you thought it was Baltimore) is that it’s the location of the US Naval Academy. Saturday my family and I went to the campus (even though Hurricane Matthew was dumping rain on us). They have a Navy Museum there and you can walk around and look at the buildings and go in the visitors center. We also stopped at the Maryland WWII monument on our way out of town.

Sunday we walked around, ate and shopped. I had a lot of delicious food this weekend. We also went into this adorable dog shop next to our hotel called Paws and I got this cute little sign (for my bookshelf of course)

On our drive back to Delaware, we drove up the Maryland Delaware Boarder and ended up in this tiny little town called Chesapeake City. It’s on the canal between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River and there’s a huge bridge that the town is sort of in the shadow of. There’s a cute Inn there where we ate and we were wondering why the bridge was so large in such a small place, but lucky for us we got a demonstration for why. (if you didn’t notice that white thing under the bridge is a massive boat going through).

All in all it was a great weekend. Annapolis is adorable and it was god to see my family since I haven’t seen them since the end of August. Plus it was extra special that my brother was able to come, since he’s working now.


Thanks for Reading!


Do You Keep Your Blogging and Real Life Separate?

Now at the beginning of college, I was somewhat shy about my nerdy ways. My friends knew I loved to read and watched Game of Thrones but that was pretty much the extent. Now as I came to know my true friends, who I have lived with all four years now, they began to see more of the extent of my neediness.

They’ve seen me scream at the TV during a GoT episode, and live tweet the entire thing. They see that 75% of my pins go to my “Such a Nerd” board on pinterest, they see the ever growing collection of books in my room and they watched me fangirl about meeting my favorite author. Yet at the same time they all groan and roll their eyes when I mention I’m being a book character for halloween.

So I never told them I had a book blog or bookstagram account. And it’s not that I was purposefully hiding it from them. I just didn’t really see it something that would interest them, but at the same time was always a little nervous about their response.

Which leads me to my question: do most people keep their blogging and real lives separate? 

Recently they found my bookstagram account, which was fine. I’m not ashamed of it, but it was still weird. They know who I am, and yet I almost feel like they’ve never seen the full extent of this side of me that blogs and full on fangirls about books.  And letting them see that new piece is a little nerve wracking to say the least. While these girls are some of my best friends, this is not an interest we all have in common, whereas me, Jess (starswholisten) and Emily (emiesnook) all became friends bonding over being fangirls and loving the same books so it was easy to let them into this piece of me.

Needless to say, them discovering my bookstagram led to them finding my blog and I guess the nervous side of me is just wondering, do people share the blogging side of them with most of the people in their real day to day life?

Thanks for Reading


Apple Picking!

So I love fall for many reasons (which you can read about here). And I’m so excited because I got to go apple picking this weekend! I LOVE apples and all things apple flavored so I love going to the orchard and have gone all 4 years of college.

I love this place we go to. It’s pick your own apples and then the market is amazing. The Apple Cider Donuts are to DIE for.


It was as much fun as always. I took my traditional photo with a giant apple in my mouth, picked a ton of apples, bought way too many apple cider donuts, bought a gallon of cider and FINALLY bought an entire pie. Every year I walk by them and drool over them but pass them by and this year I finally caved and bought an apple pie for me and my roommates to share.

See. Tradition. (Freshman, Sophomore, Senior. Yes I missed the photo Junior year)

I also bought some mini pumpkins, which I promptly used for book photos (no shame!). You’ll see I also incorporated some of my apples and now my pumpkins are nice all decorations for my bookshelf.


All in all, a great fall afternoon!


Thanks for Reading



My Piglets Are Here!

img_3133This past Friday my pig farrowed! I was with her from 4pm until about 9pm. She had been exhibiting pre birth behaviors all day and finally had milk so we knew it would likely be within 24 hours. And sure enough around 5:30pm we got our first piglet!

The entire birth went smoothly, with 13 piglets total, no still births and only 1 piglet that seemed to need a bit of our assistance after he was born. All he needed was some rubbing and tickling the inside of his mouth to get him to take a deep breath or 2 and clear out any fluid in his lungs.

They are so cute and small and it is so amazing to watch the birth of any animal. And it’s such blessing that everything went nice and smoothly and we did not really have to intervene much. We watched, kept track of the time between piglets, snipped umbilical cords and made sure pigs were nursing and bottle fed the few that weren’t. Plus as always we had to watch to make sure mama didn’t squish any of her knew little ones while she was getting up and down because that does happen.

Today 3 days later we still have all 13! Both our tiny runts are doing well so hopefully we can get them all through to weaning

Thanks for Reading