Monthly Obsessions: October

October is gone, just like that. I can’t believe it’s already November! Where did the month go? But anyway, October is over and with that it’s time to move on from this months obsessions.

Book Obsession | Neverfade

16150830.jpgOk so this is not a new book for me. I read this book a while ago, but I found it for $1.50 hardcover this month at the Book Barn and forgot how amazing it was. I flipped through looking for a certain chapter and ended up skimming the entire book again so I’d say I was reobsessed with this book this month.


Movie Obsession | How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

tumblr_m28qc874rq1qjfsjdSometime you just need to watch a good romcom. This month my roommates and I watched this one night and it was everything I remembered it being. So good. It’s just such a funny movie but at the same time super cute.


TV Show Obsession | Legend of Korra/Avatar

b677099df8694fc55e953071bd8f579a.jpgThe problem right now is none of my shows are on. And then they’re all going to be on at the same time in the spring. However this month for some reason I found myself rewatching a ton of episodes of Legend of Korra, which led to me watching the entire last season of Avatar (last season because Zuko joins the squad and is low key hot). I loved this show as a kid and even in college I watched all the episodes they put out of LoK because it’s just such an awesome concept and done so well.

Music Obsession | 

packshotSo this is a repeat from last month, but I’m literally still obsessed with Seafret. I love their music so much and still listen to it no matter what I’m doing: falling asleep, walking to class, sitting in bed, studying, whatever. Favorite songs are still Breathe and Oceans.



Book Purchase Obsession | Iron Fae Series

I love these books and literally felt like I won the lottery when I found both of them for super cheat at a used book store. Plus with beautiful bright colored spines they look great on the shelf!


Book Cover Obsession | The Wrath and the Dawn

18798983I bought this book this month (haven’t read it yet) and just think it’s so stunning. It is such a beautiful color and the design on the front with the picture underneath is so gorgeous.



Food Obsession | Apple Cider

6e5cc182e4a9532778b15b7f9c5cf720.jpgIt was October so naturally I’ve been eating all the fall treats. And I bought myself a gallon of cider while apple picking. I bought it thinking I’d share with my roommates but I pretty much drank the entire gallon by myself because it’s sooooo good.


Other Obsession | Bookstagram

Yes this is still a big obsession for me. I’m still relatively new at it but I’m having so much fun getting into the monthly challenges they have.


What were you obsessed with this month?

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Weekly Playlist 

So I know this is a day late but what a crazy weekend it was. So this weekend one of my best friends, Jess @ StarsWhoListen came down to visit me at school. And we have a few songs that were always playing on the radio last year that we SCREAM when they’re on. So seeing as she was here, naturally we had to listen to these songs over and over again whenever we were in the car and they are this weeks playlist:

Cake By The Ocean by DNCE 

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

Fight Song by Rachel Platten 

Stitches by Shawn Mendes 

I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons 

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

Drops of Jupiter by Train 

We literally scream these songs at the top of our lungs while we drive and it usually ends up on someone’s snapchat. 

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Weekly Playlist

Another Sunday, another weekly playlist. This week it’s been more of the same. For artists it’s been a lot of:



-First Aid Kit


-Mumford and Sons

So the usual. The for individual songs I’ve still been listening to my favorite performances from the voice as well as a few other standalone songs including:

-Hello from the battles (The Voice)

Feeling Good from the blind auditions by We McDonald (The Voice)

-Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

-Home from Home by The Roo Panes

-24K Gold by Bruno Mars

Just a quick note on the Bruno Mars song. There is one reason and one reason only I like it so much. There’s a certain video circulating around the internet and if you have not seen it yet stay tuned.


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Weekly Playlist

So I was lazy last night and didn’t post this like I was supposed to so here it is a day late.

This week not much has changed. I’m still thoroughly fine with listening to Seafret on repeat (Oceans and Breathe are still my favs) . I’ve also been listening to Hozier’s song off the Tarzan soundtrack, Better Love a lot. I’ve also been listening to Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya. It is so catchy.

But I have a new performance from the voice to share. It’s the battles which are my favorite part of the show. This performance of Hello is amazing. It’s sounds great with men’s voices.


And then of course my girl Wé killed her battle.


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Weekly Playlist

Another week, another playlist, and this is another week loving Seafret. I am still obsessed, hopelessly. But in addition to my Seafret obsession this week I have been listening to a lot of Kaleo again, particularly Save Yourself and All the Pretty Girls. Also there are 2 performances from The Voice Blind Auditions 2016 that I cannot stop listening to. They are:

Darby Walker – Stand By Me

We McDonald – Feeling Good

They are both such amazing singers and I love the song choices by both of them. Plus watching the coaches argue over them is hilarious!

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Weekly Playlist

So it’s Sunday which means I need to update my weekly playlist but I still have the same problem. I can’t listen to anything but Seafret. I did try this week. I listened to some Civil Wars, Hozier, First Aid Kit and the Roo Panes but I listen to Seafret every other song and will still sleep to nothing else.

For my list of Seafret songs that has persisted for 3 weeks click here.

But otherwise, what else should I listen to because I’m really stuck in this Seafret loop and I’m not sure when I’m going to (or if I even want to) get out of it. I think I need help because this obsession is REAL.


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Monthly Obsessions: September

September is over and it’s finally October. September is always an interesting months. Summer ends, we go back to school and we get stuck in a weird in-between with weather of being too hot for fall but to cool for summer.

With the end of September I’ve decided to wrap up the month with my Monthly Obsessions, so things I was loving for the month of September.

Book Obsession | Crooked Kingdom

22299763-2I absolutely loved Crooked Kingdom. The characters from Six of Crows are some of my favorites to read and the whole concept of a band of criminals who do these elaborately planned heists are so fun. Crooked Kingdom was everything I wanted the sequel of Six of Crows to be and was my favorite book this month and definitely one of my top books for the year.



TV Show Obsession | The Voice 


I didn’t really watch a lot of TV this month since none of my favorite shows are on right now (twidiling my thumbs waiting for GOT, The 100, Outlander & Sherlock to come back). This month I did start watching the new season of The Voice because I think Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys as coaches will be really interesting, plus the people who sing on the voice are always so amazing.

Movie Obsession | NONE 😦

What a sad confession that I did not see a single new movie the entire month. The only movie I saw this month was part of a special outdoor movie on the lawn program here at school where they showed Captain America Civil War. Now of course I’ve already seen it, but it was great to see it again, but no new movies for me.

Music Obsession | Seafret

packshotIf you’ve seen any of my Weekly Playlist posts, then you know for 3 weeks straight I listen to nothing but Seafret songs, my favorites being Breathe, Oceans, Tell Me It’s Real, and Wildfire. If you like Mumford and Sons or Hozier I think you’d like Seafret.


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Weekly Playlist

So it’s Sunday which means another weekly playlist post. Except my playlist is EXACTLY the same as it was last week. I have been listening to the same 14 Seafret songs on repeat. They are the only songs I’ve listened to for over a week. I listen to them while I sleep, while I walk around campus, in the shower, when I’m reading, when I’m sitting in my room, cooking food, basically ALL THE TIME.

So with that said you can see the list of songs from last week here, but other than that go listen to Seafret and become obsessed like me!


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