Book Tag: The Mid-Year Freakout

So saw this on the theImmortalreaders page and thought this was a great tag so here goes nothing!

  1. Best Book You’ve Read Yet in 2016

That would EASILY be A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. It’s the second book in the ACOTAR series and if the first book was great this was off the charts amazing!


2. Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far

Am I allowed to re-use? Because again, A Court of Mist and Fury was by far and wide the best book I’ve read this year and is the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses…so I’d have to repeat (I’d be lying if I didn’t) and say ACOMAF…again

3. New Release You Haven’t Read But You Want To

That would be the second book in the Blood of Gods and Royals Series by Eleanor Herman, Empire of Dust. I really enjoyed the first book, which follows the life of a young Alexander the Great (before he’s “great”) and it was a great historical fiction read with plenty of romance and magic.


4. Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

THAT IS EASY. Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas. It will be the 5th book out in her Throne of Glass series and this is easily one of my favorite series of all times. She is just such an amazing writer and I’m so excited for the next book.


5. Biggest Disappointment

The Raven Boys Series by Maggie Stiefvater, specifically the last book The Raven King. I really enjoyed the first book and thought the characters were there and the story could be great but the concept was just not quite developed all the way. Each book the concept slipped further and further away so while the characters were still great the plot was weak, slow, and full of some big plot holes and loose ends by the end of the last book


6. Biggest Surprise

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson was a great surprise for me. I didn’t really know anything about it but had seen it in someone else’s book haul. Then I stumbled upon it at a used bookshop and let is sit around my house for a month. Who knew I’d love it so much. It was a great story, with mystery, romance, heartbreak and tragedy, all while being a great coming of age story that focuses around family. I loved it.


7. Favorite New Author

THAT WOULD BE HANDS DOWN RAINBOW ROWELL. (SJM is not knew to me). I picked up my first Rowell book this year and fell in love. I mean what girl who loves books and is in college can’t relate to Fangirl? So then recently I read Eleanor and Park and died. It was so beautiful and the way she writes is just so captivating. She is one of my favorite authors of all time and I cannot wait to read everything else she’s written.

8. Newest Fictional Crush:

Ok so books RHYSAND RHYSAND RHYSAND (have I mentioned home much ACOMAF has killed me and consumed all aspects of my life?). BUT if we are talking about TV then holy hell Bellamy Blake from The 100 is also a new level of life changing so since I don’t want this entire post to be another (that would be #4) post of me rambling about ACOMAF I’ll let them tie.

9. New Favorite Character

Ugh…am I supposed to be able to choose? Ok so shocker it’s a character from ACOMAF BUT it’s not Feyre or Rhys (since they’re not knew as of 2016) AND there is 1 character who I would pick over them because my type is always the sarcastic, humorous but super loyal and protective, comic relief male. Always. So Cassian from ACOMAF is my new husband and favorite new character because he is a precious puppy who must be protected and just deserves to be happy. Also pretty psyched that I got him as my ACOMAF soulmate on a buzzfeed quiz ON THE FIRST TRY (also this beautiful man below is a pin from SJM’s pinterest that she picked as Cassian so…)

10. Books That Made You Cry

Only 1 book has made me cry this year, and naturally it’s because I had to read about a dog dying. It was in Dog Crazy by Meg Donoghue and as a big dog lover, something like that is guaranteed to make me cry. You’re talking about someone who owns a shirt that says “DOGS (because people suck)” on it.


11. Favorite Book to Film Adaptation:

I’m not sure I’ve seen any movies so far this year that are book adaptations, and if I did there’s a good chance they’re not my favorite. The 5th Wave movie was a let down. Does Captain America Civil War count since it was a comic? Ya…I got nothing.

12. Favorite Post You Have Done This Year

Well…all my posts are from this year. But I would have to say any of the posts I did while I was studying abroad in New Zealand. So that could be “On the Other Side of the World”, “Getting Out of my Comfort Zone”, “Today I Climbed a Mountain” etc. You get the gist.

13. Most Beautiful Book You Bought This Year

Oh EASILY my beautiful leather-bound Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes from Barnes and Nobles. It is gorgeous, the page edges are gold, and it has the fancy in book bookmark so you know it’s fancy.

14. What Book do you NEED to Read by the End of the Year?

Well I already said Empire of Storms, but the other book I’m REALLY looking forward to is Crooked Kingdom, the next book in the Six of Crows series, which I loved even though I didn’t like the Grisha series that much.

Thanks for reading!


Coming Into Your Nerdiness

Most people think college is the time to grow out of all your weird high school quirks. Did you ever imagine college would be the place you grow into them? For me high school was always about what the cool kids were doing. What clothes did they wear? What did they do for fun? What could I do to fit in with the cool kids?

And sure I still had all my nerdy quirks. I pretty much discovered the world of YA fiction in 11th grade after I finished the Hunger Games and started reading way too many books way too fast (something I had not done since Twilight in 8th grade). My friend Sarah and I loved to see all the Marvel movies as they came out because we both loved super hero movies.

I had always been obsessed with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings from an early age, but I had never really let my “fandom pride” show before.

And then I went to college.

My first semester of college I started watching Game of Thrones and was immediately obsessed. But none of my friends watched it so I never really talked about it. This was the year I discovered “Booktube” on youtube. Polandbananasbooks became a staple for me and I took all my book recommendations from her. I liked reading books she had videos on because it felt like I finally had someone to discuss them with; someone who understood. Now I wasn’t a loser of a total shut in if that’s what you’re thinking.I went out, drank, had 3am pizza and did all the fun “college things” and honestly enjoyed it. I had new friends but they just  had 1 new friend who also loved LOTR so we could nerd out about it a bit, and another who liked superhero movies. But it was my sophomore year of school that I was able to grow into my proud nerdiness. All my friends at school knew how much I read and I can’t say any of them felt the same or read any of the books I did. But it was when I joined a sorority that I finally found my people.


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Big Little Week: Man Crush Monday

So like I said in my last post (found here) about the subject, it is big little week!!!! So today  I went about my day. I went to 2 classes, a  meeting and physics lab (ya, ew) and was finally able to come home and boy was I blown away when I did.

It was raining men! Fictional Men! There were red streamers on the door and a big poster that said Man Crush Monday on it with a little cut out Jamie Fraser there to greet me. When I opened the door there were white rose petals leading from the doorway to the bed which was covered in balloons and various other goodies. I had cookies and brownies, a giant painted letter M (green of course) and a cute painted picture frame. There was the official Outlander adult coloring book (swoon) and a little Jamie Fraser Pop Figure (double swoon)! I mean look at these faces? How could I not faint when all of them are in my room at once?

But anyways…(gets distracted by attractive faces)…there were red streamers hanging from the ceiling and a cardboard Thor was attached to one of them, hanging over my bed like a guardian angel. But the hands down most impressive pieces were the 3 picture frames with my face cropped in. There was one of me and Jon Snow hanging out North of the Wall. Another of me and Jamie Fraser on horseback together and finally one of me and Bellamy Blake strolling through the woods together. I was struggling to go on at this point. I just had to keep in mind:


But then finally the piece de resistance is the mug. And it got me good. On it it says “Today I’m Mrs. ________” and includes a checklist of men including the following options:

  • Fraser
  • Blake
  • Snow
  • Stark
  • Whitethorn
  • Greenleaf
  • Winchester
  • Holmes

And with that I died. I am dead.


My fabulous new little has killed me with feels and I am so overwhelmed with how well she knows me and everything I love. Just take a look at the beautiful photos and see for yourself how amazing it is and I can’t wait for tomorrow!




Book Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan

So, about a week ago I started watching The 100 on the CW and I am in love. It’s so exciting and fun and I already wrote a post about how I’m obsessed with it so go see that for more because I’ll just be repeating myself. But the show does not have nearly enough Bellarke in it who is by far one of the most aggressive ships I’ve ever had. However, I was told the books have plenty and that they are really nothing like the show, so to satisfy my need for Bellarke, I decided to turn to the books. I started the first book last night and finished it this morning. It was a fairly quick read and I have to say I was actually somewhat disappointed. It’s not often that you find a movie/tv show better than the book it’s based of off but this is one of those cases.

Spoilers Ahead!

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The 100: S2E8 Spacewalker

So I just watched Season 2 Episode 8 of the 100 and I have all sorts of feels and if you don’t want to be spoiled just stop reading now.

So as you may or may not know, I am a huge Bellarke shipper, so this whole Finn and Clarke thing, this “Flarke” needs to stop.


So that’s how I feel about that.

But anyways, this season we already had what was probably the top Bellarke moment that I know anyone who knows what’s up watched a million times. You know…this one?


So ya…that happens, and then shortly after Clakre gets to witness Finn murder a bunch of unarmed villagers and of course I cheered internally because she’s disgusted with him to it seemed like we were finally over this whole Flarke thing. But then Lexa has to go an decide that in order for a truce to happen, Finn has to die. And I mean can you blame her? He shot about 20 unarmed elders and children and now Clarke wants everyone to just get along?

So now poor Clarke and Bellamy are left to defend poor Finn. I liked the scene where Clarke gets bopped over the head because we get to see ultra concerned I-love-you-but-won’t-admit-it, Bellamy which is always nice. But then Finn goes and gives himself up which I though was noble. And now they’re going to torture Finn for everyone to see and Clarke ends up mercy killing him.

That was the kicker. Clarke killed Finn. Now I know I complain about him and am not his biggest fan, but I mean to have her kill the poor guy? I did not see that coming. So here I am all emotionally distraught over the fact that Clarke just killed her first love, and his ex girlfriend, Raven is beside herself now and pretty much hates Clarke (justified? probably). And I’m not sure if I’m allowed to be happy that Finn is finally out of the way for Bellarke or if I am at least some what sad that Finn is gone for good.


ps: found this on pinterset and I also love Teen Wolf so I thought this was perfect, and it made me laugh.


My New Obsession: The 100

Exactly 1 week ago my friend convinced me to watch the first episode of one her favorite shows, The 100. As of now, a week later, I am halfway through the second season. Yes it is that good. The show is loosely based of the books by Kass Morgan, but when I loosely, I mean loosely. But it is amazing. The characters are awesome, the story line is fascinating and every episode is packed with excitement.

Our main character is Clarke Griffin, and she is one of “the hundred”. She is a juvenile delinquent on the space station, the Arc, where the last of human kind lives after a nuclear war. However that space station is running out of air, so the government decides to send the hundred to earth to see if it is safe for humans to survive there. Clarke is smart, a sort of doctor in training, and her mother is on the council so is considered one of the “elite” and privilege, which earns her the nickname “princess”. But she is smart enough to realize how things need to be organized in order to keep people safe and get things done.

Another of our main characters is Bellamy Blake. He is not technically one of the hundred but instead snuck aboard the ship that carried them down to watch out for his sister Octavia. He is stubborn and acts like he does not have a care in the world. At first this causes him and Clarke to butt heads but he begins to come around and the two are able to work together to lead the hundred in an attempt to keep everyone safe.



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