New Book Merch!

IMG_4216.JPGSo this month I was really craving some new trinkets for my bookshelf. I had been throwing around the idea of getting one of the awesome book candles I see all over pinterest and instagram. The hardest part was picking which shop I was going to get them from since there are so many amazing ones. I ended up getting them from The Melting Library (click here to see there etsy shop!) I was all set to buy The Night Court and Fireheart and when I went to checkout they were all out of The Night Court! I was so sad! But I didn’t want to wait for them to restock it so I ended up getting the other one I was torn about, Fae Warrior.


In addition to these beautiful candles I got 2 new pops this month. I finally got Sam and IMG_3453.JPGDean from Supernatural. I was only going to get one, but the used bookstore I go to had both of them and I had to get them as a set. I wanted them because the only other one I have is Jamie Fraser, so I’m trying to collect the ones from my favorite TV shows so those fandoms can be displayed with my books. I’m planning to get Sherlock and Jon Snow next and if they ever make them I will buy EVERYONE from The 100 (I need tiny Bellamy Blake and John Murphy on my shelf ASAP).



In addition I also finally got my Empire of Storms preorder merch this month, which I already talked about here but I figured I’d mention it.

Thanks for Reading!



So my good friend Emily @ EmiesNook is a big SJM fan and so for her birthday which was over the summer I ordered her a print from The Quoted Page on Etsy. I am so happy with this purchase. It was not super expensive but I think it’s a stunning print.

I opened it today and it looks perfect. It looks just like it did online, a really high quality print and not blurry at all. PLUS it came with 2 beautiful watercolor book marks with ACOMAF quotes on them! What a nice bonus!! (Planning on keeping 1 for myself).

Anyways if you’re interested I highly recommend checking out The Quoted Page etsy shop as she has all kinds of merch for book lovers!