Book Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan

So, about a week ago I started watching The 100 on the CW and I am in love. It’s so exciting and fun and I already wrote a post about how I’m obsessed with it so go see that for more because I’ll just be repeating myself. But the show does not have nearly enough Bellarke in it who is by far one of the most aggressive ships I’ve ever had. However, I was told the books have plenty and that they are really nothing like the show, so to satisfy my need for Bellarke, I decided to turn to the books. I started the first book last night and finished it this morning. It was a fairly quick read and I have to say I was actually somewhat disappointed. It’s not often that you find a movie/tv show better than the book it’s based of off but this is one of those cases.

Spoilers Ahead!

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My New Obsession: The 100

Exactly 1 week ago my friend convinced me to watch the first episode of one her favorite shows, The 100. As of now, a week later, I am halfway through the second season. Yes it is that good. The show is loosely based of the books by Kass Morgan, but when I loosely, I mean loosely. But it is amazing. The characters are awesome, the story line is fascinating and every episode is packed with excitement.

Our main character is Clarke Griffin, and she is one of “the hundred”. She is a juvenile delinquent on the space station, the Arc, where the last of human kind lives after a nuclear war. However that space station is running out of air, so the government decides to send the hundred to earth to see if it is safe for humans to survive there. Clarke is smart, a sort of doctor in training, and her mother is on the council so is considered one of the “elite” and privilege, which earns her the nickname “princess”. But she is smart enough to realize how things need to be organized in order to keep people safe and get things done.

Another of our main characters is Bellamy Blake. He is not technically one of the hundred but instead snuck aboard the ship that carried them down to watch out for his sister Octavia. He is stubborn and acts like he does not have a care in the world. At first this causes him and Clarke to butt heads but he begins to come around and the two are able to work together to lead the hundred in an attempt to keep everyone safe.



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