Book Review: Ruins (The Partials #3) by Dan Wells

Non Spoilery:

So this is the final book in the Partials Sequence so you should really go read the rest before continuing.

Spoilers Ahead:

So we pick up the story right where we left off. Kira is off with Dr. Morgan being her human test subject, Samm is still in Denver, where he has volunteered to be the humans source of the cure and the people of East Meadow are still under a partial occupation.

Right off the bat one thing I didn’t like was how nonchalant Kira was about being the test subject. They mentioned all the biopsies, spinal taps, and procedures so casually and then when she decides to leave she’s off and running after having her body tampered with so much? I know she’s a partial but still it should’ve at least hurt.

Now I’ll just start out and say that what bothered me with this book was that instead of finishing all the stories we had been telling for the last two books, this one started a bunch of new ones. There are so many new plot lines that come into this book so instead of getting a satisfying ending we are left with a really rushed ending and we do not get a lot of our questions answered.

For example after Kira leaves Dr. Morgan we have to follow her up to the IV territory. But then of course she gets captured (new, very long, plot twist). She meets Green (who I actually did love) and we have to see their long escape battle, then they have to trek back towards Long Island, they run into the monster thing telling people about winter etc. etc.

Meanwhile back in Samm land, he’s woken up the partials and is donating pheromone. I actually enjoyed his section in Denver the most. I loved the way he demonstrated the humans in Denver meant the partials no harm by showing Calix would be more than happy to get them some candy. And then the big revelation that living with Partials would save human babies was a nice answer we’d been waiting for. But of course we’re also just waiting for Samm to meet up with Kira again.

WHICH IS THE REAL PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THIS BOOK! I should not have to wait 80% of the book for it’s OTP to get back together again.

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Book Review: Fragments (Partials #2) by Dan Wells

Non Spoiler:

So this is the second book in the partials series by Dan Wells so if you haven’t read the first one then see you later, don’t spoil yourself but this is a quality dystopian series that I would recommend.

Spoilers Ahead:

So second book. The end of the first book was exciting. They saved the baby, my fav Jayden, is dead and Kira has left east meadow. Now once again I found the beginning to be a little slow. There’s unrest in east meadow because the humans can’t synthesize the cure, Nandita is still missing, Kira is gone, and we have to follow around Marcus who is just not the most exciting narrator.

Even when Kira picks up the story, her section gets off to a slow start. She’s looking through old offices, climbing a lot of stairs, and while I realize it sets the scene the beginning of the book took every day very slowly, with lots of details, which was too much of a stark contrast to the second half of the book where Kira, Samm and Heron were traveling and we would jump days, weeks at a time. The book needed to find some kind of happy medium between how quickly time would move.

So Kira finds Afa, the crazy guy, and I did like that he was able to fill in some of the blanks for us about how the partials came to be because obviously at this point I had lots of theories but nothing concrete. I was still running with the “half human half partial” theory but it seemed at this point I was very wrong. I loved when Marcus and Haru suddenly hear Kira’s voice over the radio, that was cute, plus she saved them. I was a little shocked that Kira didn’t t go turn herself in right away since she’s always put the survival of East Meadow ahead of her own self interest (cough cough running into partial territory to get the cure book 1) finally get to see Sam again (because lets face it that’s what we were all waiting for) and it was a cute reunion.

But now her Sam and Heron are going to go off on this quest and leave and I did not enjoy the traveling scenes. They were dull for me. The riding, the big time jumps that seemed to take place. It was better once we got to chicago, although there again it was a little boring with how much time was taken to describe all the flooding, sink holes, finding the boat, etc when we had just travelled a few weeks and seen almost none of it.

Finally got some quality action when Kira fought off those 2 partials. I liked how she was slowly learning to use the link, and how we see her and Sam slowly building towards a relationship and that even though the attraction and fascination was there with each other right away in book 1, the romance wasn’t (its not a true OTP unless they tried to kill each other at least once).

But then after Chicago the traveling scenes got even worse. Crossing the rivers, horses dying, acid rain, Afa dying was all just sort of thrown at us. We see them get to Colorado quickly but there was just a real lack of excitement in the lead up to it. The most exciting thing to happen to them was crossing the rivers and those scenes were not nearly as exciting or dramatic as I think they intended them to be.

But things finally got a little better when they found the settlement in Colorado. Of course it was funny to watch Kira die a little at seeing children. And I loved the way Calix was flirting with Sam. You couldn’t not laugh when they went to get the horses and she kissed him and it was just so awkward. And then I love watching Sam stumble over how to express his feeling for Kira without the link and Calix advice because he was clearly missing obvious signals from Kira.

Now everything happening back in East Meadow was important but not any more exciting that what was going on with Kira and Samm. Marcus was funny as usual but the whole trip into partial territory to meet with their general had the same sort of feel where there were definitely parts that could’ve been edited out to make the story drag less.

Then of course we had the dramatic discovery that all these people were being kept alive by comatose partials and the leader was a part of the Trust (wasn’t that shocking) and the moral dilemma of what to do, let the partials go free or the humans die. And then of course the big ending of Kira agreeing to go with Dr. Morgan (finally) and then Sam’s big shocker of agreeing to stay and be the pheromone supply for this community. We had a nice big kiss at the end which was nice but now they’ve ended the book separated AGAIN.

Overall I’d give this book 3.5 stars just because so much of the traveling was too glossed over and just not interesting to read. I still really enjoy the series and am excited to see how it’s all wrapped up.

What do you think?

Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Non Spoilers:

The Partials is an exciting dystopian series that was recommended to me by a friend. To win the war humans created partials, biosynthetic humans that are stronger, faster and better than humans in every way. When the war was over they rebelled against humans and released a deadly virus that has reduced the human population to the 40,000 living on Long Island. Kira Walker is a medic and although the partials have not bothered the humans in the 12 years since the break, she’s willing to risk contact to find the cure for RM.

If you liked the 5th Wave, Hunger Games or Divergent you’ll like the Partials.

Spoilers Ahead!

So I had never heard of The Partials before and was only reading it because my friend was begging me to. And I liked it. This book was a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 for me. I really liked Kira as a main character. She was fiery in spirit and smart. I loved all the medical analysis of RM because I’m a biology major and thought a lot of that was super interesting.

The book was a tad slow in the beginning for me but as soon as she went on the scavenging mission it really picked up and just went from there with the mission to the city, and her capturing a partial.

Although the book slowed down for a little once she was studying Samm I loved the scenes of them in the lab together.

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