The Argyle Ball

So this weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Scottish Social Dance. This semester in college, I took Scottish Country Dancing, in which we learn how to scottish social dance. Then we have the option of attending the Argyle Ball in Alexandria, VA (right by DC) where many people who are actually part of the scottish dance community come together and dance the night away.

So I went with Emily @ Emiesnook and it was amazing. We both ordered plaid skirt to wear and all the guys there were in full kilts. I also found an Outlander Hair Tutorial on Youtube so I did Emily’s hair like Gellis at the gathering and mine like Jenny’s.

There was food and drinks before hand and then we all process in behind a bag pipe. Then that’s followed by a waltz and I will say I think I got to waltz with the only man under age 30 at the entire shindig (and just saying he wasn’t too bad looking either 😉 ). After that you form sets and do the dances. They read through the steps once and then you just go. And there were some I knew better than others but fortunately everyone there was really nice and helped you get where you needed to go if you got confused.


The dance was 3 hours long! There was a short “tea interval” to eat and drink in the middle and then more dancing. But it was so fun. We had live music, featuring the 2 time world champion Scottish Violinist! And then at the end there was a little after party with delicious food and wine at one of the dancers houses. I think my favorite dance was a Jig where I was partners with my teacher and he just seemed to be having so much fun and it was a magical night. I’m super excited to take the class again next semester and hopefully go to more social dances!


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The Last Time You Danced Like No One’s Watching

When was the last time you danced like no one’s watching? And I mean just really let yourself let loose. Screaming all the words to the song that you remember and not being shy about the ones you don’t know anymore?

Well for me that was tonight. What happens when 30 people gather in a tiny room and listen to throwback songs like Hollaback Girl, Promiscuous Girl, Temperature, Yeah, Wannabe, My Humps, and One Two Step? Well people get really excited. Of course these are all songs we recognize from our middle school dance days and we used to know all the words (and we still act like we know all of them).

But there’s two kinds of people you can be in these situations. You can either hang back and sit, sing along occasionally and tap your foot, or you can get up take a deep breath and belt the song in the most off key voice at the top of your lungs while hopping around awkwardly and calling that dancing. And that is exactly what I did.

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