When Fan Art is Life Changing Part 2

Sometimes I just need to fangirl, badly. You can see it in the predecessor of this post (When fan art is life changing part 1) or in my many posts sobbing about Fanfic so amazing I literally can’t not share it.

So this is another one of those moments.

Needless to say I am UNWELL.


Recently a there have been a few pieces of fan art that just make me a puddle (spoilers for ACOTAR ahead *duh duh duh*). Now please excuse the rest of this post where I display the true level of Fangirl Trash that I am.


And yes…I have this sticker on my laptop. No shame.

The first are all by Coralie Jubénot who you can find on tumblr at http://cocotingo.tumblr.com/tagged/my+art or on twitter as @Merwild. She has done some absolutely STUNNING ACOTAR and TOG art. There are so many amazing ones I could share, so it was difficult to narrow it down to a few favorites. Her depiction of Feyre and her sisters are my favorites and her drawing of Rhys are beautiful.

This first one is her drawing of all 3 Archeron sisters and I think it’s stunning and that she captured the 3 of them so well.

2 other favorites are these photos of Feyre in night court attire and of course Starfall. Just looking at them so happy and holding each other makes me want to cry and collapse to the floor. BTW I did not include the PG-13/R/M drawings of some certain scenes from ACOMAF. One involving a certain high lords hands in a chilly inn and the other involving lots and lots of paint (following delicious meal of soup, if you know what I mean…)

Now the exciting thing is that she has just stared reading the Throne of Glass series (she’s only on Crown of Midnight so I’m sure we’ll have some special characters from Heir of fire soon). But for now her drawing of Celaena is my favorite and her depiction of Chaol is amazing. She’s also done head shot of Nehemia and Dorian, both amazing. (Left to Right: Celaena, Dorian, Chaol, Nehemia)

BUT it does not end there. She also has a gorgeous piece of Chaol fetching Celaena from Endovier and it is stunning. He looks like a captain of the guard and she looks like she was just pulled from a mine.



Now I know I may be spiraling, but unfortunately I’m not done there. Oh no. I’m fully aboard the crazy train.

As you may know, I recently finished Crooked Kingdom and so naturally I had to pin all the new Six of Crows art to my pinterest board and came across this beauty from Fictograph.


I’m not exactly sure why, but this is my favorite Kaz Inej art I’ve come across. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re out feeding the crows, but I think it’s beautiful.

Again. I am unwell.


-Thanks for Reading (slash listening to the progressive ramblings of a fangirl)


When Fan Art is Life Changing

So if you read my post about the biggest book hangover I’ve ever  then you know I am still struggling with the “Post ACOMAF Feels”. Now what’s not helping is the fact that A) 2 of my best friends are also obsessed with it so the 3 of us talk about it constantly and B) my pinterest is a myriad of ACOMAF fan art. And let me tell you, I have never wished I could draw so badly because this fan art is so unbelievably beautiful.

So to further get across the “feels” I am constantly drowning in, please enjoy some of my favorite ACOMAF fan art pieces *note some contain spoilers for ACOMAF*

I know…beautiful. My biggest pet peeve with a lot of them is that they give Feyre very blonde hair where she is always described as having somewhere between dark blonde and light brown (which I appreciate because that is my hair color and every female in fiction ever has perfect light blonde hair, flaming red hair, chestnut curls, or sleek black hair, never a “sort of hard to explain mix”color).

And then here is a sketch I love of the inner circle because I have a hard time finding art with Cassian and Azriel the way I picture them and I love this one.


So ya, that’s more feels from me because yes SJM has killed me and I am dying until Empire of Storms comes out *17 days* and will then be dying all over again until May when ACOTAR 3 comes out.

Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


If you have not read A Court of Thorns and Roses then you shouldn’t read this sine this is about the second book in that series. But it’s a great series and the second book elevated the entire series ten fold. Be warned it has some graphic adult content so not really YA but SOOO GOOOD.

Spoilers Ahead

A Court of Mist and Fury was amazing. I could not put it down. I liked A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was really good but in my mind it was not on the same level as Throne of Glass. If Throne of Glass as a series was a 10 then ACOTAR was a 7ish. But after reading ACOMAF if Throne of Glass is a 10 then it is a 9.9999999. It was so amazing. So leaving off we had a very broken Feyre and we could tell at the end of ACOTAR that Feyre was definitely going to be in a bad place starting off the next book.

I could tell from the opening that I was not going to enjoy the place where feyre  was in her own head. I always hate in the second book in a series the protagonist always seems to come into some sort of self doubt that ultimately causes or is caused by a rift in the romance. And it usually takes them so long to put themselves back together again. So right away with the puking and the nightmares I sensed I was going to be somewhat put off with feyre (not that I don’t understand she went through horrible things). But did anyone think it was weird that Tamalin wouldn’t get up and comfort her when she puked and had nightmares?

Then we get thrown into tamalin and the wedding. Now I feel for tamalin wanting to keep her safe but couldn’t he tell that everything that made her feyre was gone? They didn’t have any of the witty banter they once had. He wasn’t letting her be the fierce independent woman she once was. So I was already sending the rift between them. But I didn’t think she’d essentially try to leave him at the alter!?

Thank god Rhys showed up. Because obviously we were just waiting for him to appear since the start. So of course he had to be a wedding crashed but I love how he A) prevents feyre from having to leave tamalin at the alter and B) tells her that he was answering her call for help.

Now Sarah J Maas is the ONLY author who prevents me from joining a ship that I will willingly go down with. I could never pick in the throne of glass series between Dorian and Chaol and then she introduced Rowan so she kept me on my toes for 4 books there. And now here we are. I loved Tamalin, I really did, but I can already feel my roots and attachments for him being uprooted and moving to Rhys. I just love that in the very first chapter we’re with him he brings Feyre back to life. He had her all fired up, throwing shoes at him. He gets her all in a fit because he’s going to make her learn to read. She isn’t forgetting that she’s broken, but it’s not the only thing she can think about.  Continue reading