Weekly Playlist

So I was lazy last night and didn’t post this like I was supposed to so here it is a day late.

This week not much has changed. I’m still thoroughly fine with listening to Seafret on repeat (Oceans and Breathe are still my favs) . I’ve also been listening to Hozier’s song off the Tarzan soundtrack, Better Love a lot. I’ve also been listening to Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya. It is so catchy.

But I have a new performance from the voice to share. It’s the battles which are my favorite part of the show. This performance of Hello is amazing. It’s sounds great with men’s voices.


And then of course my girl Wé killed her battle.


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This Week’s Playlist

Ok this week it is ALL NEW! I have a bunch of new songs that I’m listening to on repeat and I’m not ashamed to say I found almost all of them on a Bellarke Playlist on spotify (please see my The 100 obsession it you are confused as to what that term means)

But without further delay, this week I have been enjoying:

Several songs from Hozier. I love him and all the other songs I already had by him so I don’t know why I didn’t just download the whole album but this week my new favorites are: Continue reading

This Week’s Playlist

  1. Gale’s Song by the Lumineers
  2. Cherry Wine by Hozier
  3. Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift
  4. Hide Away by Daya
  5. Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez
  6. Slow it Down by the Lumineers

These are all songs from my go to playlist, which is really all I listen to unless I’m looking for a specific song. Any new songs are also put here so I can listen to them repeatedly which is why a lot of these are always the same as the week before. Some more mellow songs this week thought. I love Gale’s Song from the Catching Fire soundtrack. It’s somewhat haunting but I love it.


This Weeks’s Playlist

For songs so far this week I’ve been jamming to:

1.Cherry Wine by Hozier- I can listen to this song on repeat for hours

2. My “Irish” Playlist, which is made up or Irish Folk Music. I know weird, but I love it. It includes hits by Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers. I’ll just tell you the top songs I’ve been listening to from a playlist of 27 songs.

  1.  Mick McGuire by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  2. Dublin City Live Version of Whiskey in the Jar and The Wild Rover by Luke Kelly
  3. The Wind that Shakes the Barley Tree by The Irish Chieftains
  4. Jolly Tinkerer by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
  5. Rising of the Moon by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

3. All I Ask by Adele

4. The Story by Sarah Simmons (cover from the Voice)

5. Let Me In by Grouplove

6. Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

I realize I have some repeats from last week but when I get a new song I like I will listen to it on repeat for months.


This Weeks Playlist

I love listening to the same songs over and over again when I find them. This week i’ve been listening to:

-Cherry Wine (live) by Hozier

-And the Boys by Angus and Julia Stone

-Skinny Love by Birdy

-After the Storm by Mumford and Sons

-Sweetest Devotion by Adele

-Step Out by Jose Gonzalez

-Flowers in Your Hair by the Lumineers